Tuesday, April 2, 2013

WW and 100 mile Challenge!

WW - Weight Watchers.

I have done Weight Watchers before and lost 20lbs in a summer, it worked really well for me. I loved the extra 49 points that you get for the week, just because sometimes we want that extra piece of chocolate, or for me those french fries. So after doing the whole counting calorie thing for a month and realizing I wasn't really satisfied, I joined back again with Weight Watchers. This time I am doing the meetings instead of just online. I attend once a week and am inspired each and every time by the women and men that walk through those doors with stories similar to mine. I am hoping this works to my advantage again. It has so far even though I blew through my extra points and have even tapped into my activity points, oh well, the program is so that you can use ALL the points including activity and still lose a little weight. We will see come tomorrow at my Wednesday Weigh in both here and at Weight Watchers.

I also joined a diet bet, I had seen and read about this all over the blog world and finally decided to jump in myself. I joined a $25 dollars one and that is definitely enough motivation to get me to lose some weight. I have to lose like 8.5 lbs by April 27, so that I can win my money (and then some back). There is like around 9,000 dollars in the pot I am in and around 350 or so people. Should be fun!

I am finding myself more tired these days as I push myself when it comes to exercise. I could exercise all day every day, I really do love walking and running and going to the gym. My issue always comes with food. Last week according to my daily mile tracker I did 22 miles! That's what I like to see. So considering I love to get out and rack up those miles I have given myself a personal goal of doing 100 miles in the month of April. It doesn't matter how those miles come to me whether it be in the gym or on the pavement outside. The reason I chose 100 is because for my Charity Miles you get 25 cents a mile and if I did 100 miles I would have raised 25 dollars for Autism Speaks, all of course in honor of my sister. Today, April 2 is in fact Autism Awareness day and I will be wearing blue and getting all of the kids I nanny to as well.

Have a great Tuesday!!!!



  1. Girl. i'm so proud of you! You inspire me to get this done and become more active. Love you and hoping that your success continues. You can do this!

  2. Good luck with WW again, and with your goal of 100 miles this month! That would be awesome!!

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