Friday, April 19, 2013

HIgh 5 For Friday!

This week has just flown by and that is ok with me. My boss and I sat down and talked about scheduling for the summer and it looks like in no time all the kids will be headed back to school. We have 2 vacations (and by we I mean they have them and I just to enjoy paid time off!), a whole month of swim team, and 2 weeks of camp. I think that leaves us with about 2-3 weeks max of time off with nothing else on the schedule. I am really excited though and I am now working on putting together a plan to keep us busy and having fun all summer long.

So anyways it's time once more for High 5 for Friday with Lauren, make sure to click over and link up :)

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1. This is my friend Louis, we serve together in the children's ministry at our church. We are studying about heroes and so we had a photo booth set up where kids could dress like heroes and here I felt that I looked like Nigel Thornberry. (Anyone remember that show??)
2. When I met my friend Kirsten for the first time one of the things she asked was my thought on car swapping. I thought it was a great idea and so on Tuesday we switched cars, I traded my Toyota Camry for her Nissan Xterra, and I love it. It has been so much fun, mostly because this guy sits on her dash board and keeps me entertained, especially when having to wait for a long train.
3. I made cinnamon swirl bread with my kiddos this week, you can read about it here! It's such an easy recipe and we ate the whole loaf in one sitting. These kids love them some cinnamon.
4. I got a new water bottle and am determined to drink at least 3 full ones a day. The markings are the hours that I have to drink the water in order to help me stay on track. I have been doing great exceeding my 3 bottle minimum, I hope to keep it up as much as possible.
5. This is my roommates dog Milo, sometimes it's just me and him hanging out at the house after I take a walk. Today he was extra tired because his mom took him on a walk in the morning and I took him after I had dinner so he curled right up on the couch and placed his head right on my chest. I melted immediately and we just laid there for a few hours until I finally got up and decided to go sleep in my real bed. (But who's to say a couch can't be a real bed, ours sure is comfy!)
That's it for this super quick week. Quiet weekend on the home front with Lindsey out of town. Just me and the Milo man to keep ourselves busy. I think I have a few plans like maybe going to the Dogwood Festival here in Atlanta, but we shall see.

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  1. that bread looks delish!
    Have a great weekend!
    Stop by some time