Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekend Blast!!

This weekend started for me at 3:00 on Friday. Normally that would mean that I get to go home and hang out for a little bit before doing some sort of random thing to kick of the weekend. This weekend was different because it was Good Friday. My church puts on an event every Good Friday and about 12,000 people come for worship and powerful word all revolving around one thing, the fact that Jesus died once for all. So after an early dinner at Panera and a walk around a park I got to the amphitheater and got to my seat (luckily I know people who got there super early and saved me a seat in the middle front section!!). It started at 7:30 and went until about 10:30 and I loved every bit of it! I teared up at just about everything but really cried when our Pastor asked those who wanted to accept Jesus for the first time to stand up and people started standing up everywhere. Such a powerful thing!  These photos are two that I took that night, and are probably my favorite.

Saturday started early for me as I needed to fit in my March 5K before April hit. (My new years resolution for the last 3 years has been to do one 5K a month and the farthest I have made it is April, so I am bound and determined to complete it this year!) So at last minute my friend Chelsea texted me about a 5K happening here in Kennesaw for Love146 which works closely with girls who are rescued from the sex industry. My alarm went off at 6:30 and I met her there at 7:00.The race began at 8:00 and off we went. My goal each time I run is to just finish a little bit faster then the last race. My other motto is "If you finish, you win" and because of that I never lose! My time in February was around 43 minutes but this race was super hilly and I ended up coming in at 46 minutes. According to my RunKeeper I ran 3.29 miles instead of what was suppose to be 3.12 soooo I am still rather proud of myself.


After my run and my traditional trip to Chick Fil A for a celebratory chicken biscuit I went home to get my roommates dog to go on a walk. We walked for about an hour and it benefited both us quite a bit, and he sure was a happy puppy

I decided that since I had the whole afternoon that I would be adventurous and cook something new, there were three recipes on SkinnyTaste and I had most ingredients so I went and purchased the left over necessities. When I got home I cooked for a while and the house smelled amazing, and eventually I ended up with this, Steak skillet with mushrooms and onions, Latin Yellow Rice, and Green Bean Bundles. All amazing, but the rice and green beans were my favorite!! I wasn't able to eat all of it and then I took a 2 1/2 hour nap on the couch....this is so rare for me as I normally can't nap. It was glorious! I got up and got ready to go to dinner with some friends at my favorite restaurant ever, Tin Lizzys where I enjoyed fried pickles, so worth it.

Sunday was Easter and I was back at Verizon Ampitheater to have our Easter Gathering with my church. Of course it was beautiful and a constant reminder of the fact that Jesus defeated sin and death all in three days. Always blows my mind!! This is my friend Ivy, I love her so much and her birthday was on Good Friday! Fun fact about Ivy, she always has THE BEST nails in the world.

Since my family lives in Florida and I live up here in Atlanta, I usually take on pseudo families and my friend Kasey's was mine for Easter. We went over and ate soooo much food! It was a fun time and I enjoyed being able to be around people instead of being by myself with the dog all day. I did end up coming back home and walking with Mylo for a little while and it felt good as it was a nice 67 outside, I was even able to wear my work out tank!

Such a busy busy weekend but I loved it all. The kids are on Spring Break this week, which also includes my birthday, should be a good time!

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Friday, March 29, 2013

An Acrostic Based Upon My Feelings About Traffic

To be honest I hate you, it's not me it's you, or rather the drivers that don't understand that if you keep going this wouldn't happen.

Really nice car in front of me, please don't slam on your brakes too suddenly, I drive a Toyota Camry and am just a nanny and I don't have the money to fix your thousands of dollars bumper because it has a sensor.

As I look at the lines of cars ahead of me and I see the shoulder beside me I am tempted to just get over and go as fast as I can. But I do nothing and just get ready for the long journey ahead of me.

Friendly driver next to me I understand the smile and wave the first time. I would do the exact same thing but we all know we are going to be driving right next to each other for a few miles so please don't do it again.

Finally we go a little bit and my car makes it to that 40 line but cruelly oh so cruelly you put me, yet again at a complete stop on this horrific road.

I would much rather be at my destination by now but since I'm trapped looks like it's just me and candy crush on my iPad and Tristan Prettyman on my shuffled phone.

Could you ever consider how I feel traffic, well you can't because you have no emotions but yet you still seem to bring out the worst in people.

Thanks for nothing, ever.

Jenny (pissed off driver)

Big Steps

To say this week has been all over the place is an understatement. I have not had so many ups and downs in one week in a long time. Needless to say I am thrilled to see Friday! Last night was the first time that when I was upset rather angry about something, instead of turning to food I decided to go out and walk. I ended up running as much as I could and walking the rest. I did that for about 45 minutes and decided it was probably best to head back home because it was already 11:30pm. After I got home and did my nigh time routine, I plopped down in bed and just felt so much better about myself. Usually I would have gotten in my car and taken a trip down to any of the goof Ole faithfuls and hit up as much food as I could afford come home and eat it, feel like crap, and go to bed. Not satisfied with what I had just done. Last night gave me a glimpse of what it could be like if instead of grabbing something to eat I just go out and walk. It helps me calm down and allows me to pray and clear my mind. I was definitely in a much better mood by the time I ended up back home. I feel like now I have had a taste it will help me make better choices when things I can't control try to get in the way.

So here's to High Five for Friday with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk Blog.

Sorry this pictures are all over the place and not lined up neatly!!!

1. I hiked Kennesaw Mountain this weekend, 1 mile up and 1 mile down. I loved it! I am probably obsessed now and will attempt to do this every Saturday!

2. The kids and I made funnel cakes for a fun afternoon activity since it was so cold outside. They loved it and I did too!!

3. This is my roommates dog Milo, you will probably see a lot of him on here. I walk with him as much as I can and he is just about the coolest ever. This night we walked for 30 minutes and then both went home and crashed on the couch.

4. With the mom I nanny out of town for the Easter party for her youngest at preschool I was in charge of doing the craft, this is what I found and came up via Pinterest. The kids all loved it, I mean who doesn't love playing with paint.

5. This is my friend Hannah's puppy Moxie. I visited her the day she brought her home and now I end up down there about once a week. She loves me so much and just cries and jumps all over the place the moment I step in the door. She is getting soooo big too. I just love puppies :)

It's Easter weekend and I am really excited because this time last year I knew no one here in Atlanta but this year I know a ton of people and even have a place to spend Easter since my family is all in Florida. Definitely looking forward to it!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Three Things Thursday

I am sure I have already said this before but right now I am all about Link Ups! I love doing them because they give me something to create a new post about but also I usually spend an hour or two clicking around and checking out other people's blog. To me it's amazing how easily connected everyone is in this blogosphere and I love it. So today I am joining Kristyn at Carolina Fireflies and Myranda at Pretty Living  for their Three Things Thursday and today's topic is Three Things People Would Be Surprised to Know About You.

1. I was a blond and extremely tan child.
 As a child growing up my brother and I spent a good amount of time playing outside. We would play all sorts of things just the two of us or with all of the neighborhood kids. Then all of a sudden my hair started to turn brown and I stayed tan for a while but not I am just a brunette with normal skin complexion (hopefully changing this summer!!!!).

2. My first job was as a newspaper deliverer in Middle School.
We lived in Germany while my dad was in the army and I was in Middle School when someone asked me if I wanted a paper route for the American newspaper in our little German town. It was my first real job and I was really excited to get to make some money because I really love spending money. (Who doesn't!!!!) I held the job for a year and a half before we had to PCS to the states. I loved it while I had it, even the getting up at 5:00 to do my job part, because I am such an early riser. I bought my very own computer with it and many other things that I probably no longer own.
3. I have never had a drop of alcohol.
I feel like in these days sometimes that makes me seem like such an outsider. Often when I tell people I don't drink they think it's because I had some horrible past as a child or that I got it all out of my system, this is not the case. I just have never been interested in it. Neither of my parents drank except for maybe a handful of times that I can count on my fingers. I wanted to go through college without drinking and succeeded but now see no reason to start. I am sure one day I will attempt some sort of adult beverage but for now I don't really think I am missing out on much.

That's it for today folks :)


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Funnel Cake Fun!

It was a Monday afternoon. In Georgia. Thanks to my Time Hop app, it let me know that on that day last year the kids and I were at a park and it was 80 outside. As of right now its about 38 degrees outside and has been snow flurrying all day long. This is not one happy nanny I might say. Cold days mean that we stay inside and it's even worse when we have to miss an activity we love so much which is Horseback riding. This nanny needed to think of something to do to occupy our usually very full afternoon. As my W man was sitting on the couch having his hour with the Ipad I also was on my Ipad searching the amazing Pinterest for something to catch my eye. Then I saw it, and I knew it was meant to be.

This is the Pin that popped up.
(If your mouth is now watering don't worry, mine did the exact same thing)
Now a little known fact about my three lovelies is that the youngest, W is a picky picky eater. Oh, and he doesn't like sweets. The only desserts he considers to be worthy of his pallet are lollipops, cinnamon pretzels, and funnel cakes. This makes it hard when I attempt to make some fun dessert for the kids. It usually ends up being for A and S, and W just ends up with a lollipop. I quickly looked at the ingredients and checked our pantry. We were missing like two things so I piled W up in the car and got the girls off the bus and off we went to Target to get the rest of our supplies. The girls attempted to guess the whole way there what we were going to be making especially since it was something that W would actually eat. Finally on the way home and after giving the clue that it sort of was like Cotton Candy in a sense (as in you get it at a carnival), A popped up with "Funnel Cake??? " They were all very excited!
We arrived at home and the kids cleaned the bunny cage while I heated up the oil and mixed everything together for this FANTASTIC snack. I love love love junk food any and all kinds, I mean who ever says they don't is just lying to themselves. I mixed everything together and put it in a squirt bottle as the children came barreling in the house. I am pretty sure they cleaned the cage faster then they ever had before. I made them go wash their hands and get to step stools to make some funnel cakes. We placed a circle cookie cutter in the oil to help shape our funnel cakes and off we went. I did the first couple to make sure everything went smoothly then one by one they got to climb up on the step stool and squirt the dough into the oil.

They cook super fast and it was definitely an act of getting the kids under control and making sure I didn't burn the funnel cakes. Needless to say it went pretty smoothly and in no time we each had made 4 mini funnel cakes. We got all the plates lined up and placed the cakes on them. Then I sprinkled (or dumped...) powdered sugar on them and chocolate sauce for the girls. Boy did they look divine. I made the kids go wash their hands again and get a glass of water to go with their carnival snack. It took about 5 minutes for the goods to be destroyed and it was a hit. The kids loved it so much (I did too..).


I am linking up with Stephanie over at BEAUtiful mess and Katie over at Keep Calm and Carry On . I am obsessed with Pinterest and am so glad there is a link up to show that Pinterest can be such a wonderful thing!!!
Just another brilliant thing found on Pinterest to help in this nanny's life!

It's Tough Being a Girl - Weigh In Wednesday

I am linking up with Erin @ She's A Big Star and Alex @ Skinny Jean Pilgrimage for this week's weigh in Wednesday!

Not gonna lie, when my alarm went off this morning I thought, I do NOT want to get on that scale this week. Last week after my first official Wednesday weigh in where I only .2 pounds I figured ok, that's a little but it's something and I can get a few more this week. I did fantastic Wednesday-Saturday and then Sunday was ehhh, Monday was a little better and then yesterday came. Now usually I take Tuesdays very seriously and call it my Tear it Up Tuesday where I eat my best and work out as much as time will allow me.
I went into to the day with the best intentions possible. I had my normal breakfast and I even did 5 miles and had a great lunch, then the afternoon hit. Usually in the afternoon I have a 100 calorie Cheeze-it Snack Mix Snack Bag, because I am obsessed and it's enough to last me until I get home. Yesterday was another story, for some reason I was STARVING, part of me was super confused, I have not dealt with this is over a month. By the time I left work I had already eaten 3 rice Krispie treats, a banana, some crackers, and a bowl of cheese puffs. Not a good afternoon. I decided that it was ok, sometimes it happens and that I would get Maddio's a pizza place where you can get wheat crust and a pizza that is 6 inches round (perfect portion) and a Greek salad. I got home and ate my dinner and then realized again I was sooo hungry. Then as I was preparing some lettuce chicken wraps my phone dinged and I looked at it and thought oohh this makes sense. Mother Nature is suppose to hit tomorrow or the next day. As a girl sometimes it's so easy to forget about that necessary evil that makes us females and what it can to do to our body. And for me, when it's right before I get headaches and could seriously eat anything you put in me. Later that night I ended up making a McDonald's run, something I haven't done in a good few weeks. I had a cheeseburger, fries, and chicken nuggets and finally felt like I wasn't hungry any more. Luckily with the help of my roommate and an old college roommate I didn't feel as defeated as I could have. We retain water during this time and usually gain weight, it's water weight, and after everything has gone and passed (never soon enough!) it will all go away.
So like I said, this was not a good week for me, I did not come anywhere close to only eating the calories I am suppose to and not my work out calories, but here is to a new week, hopefully a better one. I climbed on the scale this morning and it read 212.3 so I gained 1.3 lbs, honestly I figured it could be WAY worse. It just gives me motivation to work a little harder and do a little more this week, especially since next Wednesday is my 23rd birthday (I don't know how this age just crept up on me, I remember turning 18 and going to college, that was 5 years ago now....) and I plan on having a good bit of weight loss!!
Tune in next week, I guarantee it will be better!!!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finish the Sentence.....

I am joining Jake and Holly with their Link Up called Finish the Sentence, looks like a ton of fun!!!

1. If Calories didn't count I would eat fried pickles, all day, everyday, sometimes I do that now....oh well.
2. On my prom night I stayed at home, I moved in between my junior and senior year and knew 3 people. So I am pretty sure I either hung out with my friends who had already graduated high school or stayed at home with a movie and some McDonald's.
3. When I go to the store, I always buy chicken, onions, and garlic or at least it seems like it. I am always cooking something that has those three ingredients.
4. Family Functions typically happen every 2-3 years, we all live very far away from each other. When it does occur it usually consists of all nighters playing games where couples are asked to check their marriage at the door, yes it's that serious.
5. I think my blog readers are pretty cool people for spending time reading about my life, it can seem boring sometimes but people who read and then comment or even tell me in real life make me excited.
6. I'd much rather be in Germany right now with my brother and sister in law and niece and nephew, I love them and miss them dearly. Especially since my SIL is preggers with their third. I am definitely making a plan to go visit sometime next year.
7. I have an obsession with my Instagram that's dedicated to my Toms or what I call my Tomstagram. I have around 3500 followers and just post simple pictures of my Toms. I am also obsessed with the shoes, I own 12 pairs and it continues to grow each and every year.
8. My work friends do not exist, thus is the life of being a nanny. I have a few nanny friends and we get together sporadically to eat dinner and discuss life.
9. When I created my Facebook account you had to have a college email and all of my friends thought I was crazy because Myspace was where it was at. Luckily for me I was ahead of the game.
10. My least favorite word is titty, not gonna lie, I hate that word for some reason, other words that should bother me don't.
11. I really don't remember the last time I forgot something, I have an insane memory and even remember the small dumb things. Especially random facts that have to do with nothing. Like what you should do if you ever win 1 million dollars (if you do let me know, I'll help for a small fee ;))
12. Justin Biebers movie I saw two times in theater and bought on DVD. I like his older stuff better then his new stuff. I always post a status and tweet about his birthday too which is March 1, in case anyone was wondering :) 

These Are the Best Days of My Life

I'm joining Halie over at Penguins, Pasta, and Polka Dots for today's First Things First, along with her co-hosts Veronica @ Passion, Pink, and Pearls and Jess @ Jess is More. This week is all about firsts at college, which probably happens to be the best days of my life. I loved college and now find myself wishing I had not graduated early and jumped into the real world as quickly. Even so, I had a great experience!

First Things First
1. My First Roomies - My first ever roomies were Becky Morrison and Stphanie West, we both went to my high school. I knew Becky from church and when I moved my senior year of high school and had no idea where I was going to school, Becky always talked about Flagler College in St Augustine, FL. I have never heard of it but when I was researching in a book for good schools with Education programs it was one of the top 3 in the state. I visited the school and was blown away by its beauty and decided yes this is the place for me. Once I told Becky she was asked if we could room together and mentioned Stephanie since she knew her from school. Becky and I would end up living all 4 years of college together, though we were and still are pretty much opposites we got along pretty well. Stephanie moved to UCF and I have lost contact with her, we really didn't mesh well but I guess you can't always be friends with everyone. Becky and I met two other girls the first week of college and we all became close friends and ended up living together for the rest of our years after that. The first picture is of Stephanie and the second one is of the 4 of us. (Me on the left, Becky above me, and then Allie and Brittany)

2. First Time Living Away from Home - I am going to take this section to talk about the first house I lived in apart from my parents house. My roomies and I decided taht after our Sopohmore year it would be time for us to moe off campus but we needed to stay down town because two people did not have vehicles. Our search began adn we looked everywhere until one night Allie was talking with a girl who mentioned that she had 3 roommates and they lived in a 4 bedroom house downtown and would be moving out in May after graduation. They needed someone to fill in and we needed a house. So we got our ducks in a row and took all the necessary steps to make it our own. We called it "The Green House" original I know but we loved it! This is the first picture I took of it with my not so fancy phone.

And yes, that is a For Sale sign, it was for sale the entire time we lived there and we could have been kicked out at any time but I prayed and trusted and we lasted 2 whole years. Unfortunately the girls who went in after us only got a few months before the house was foreclosed on and they were forced to move :( We lived in this Green House for 2 years and made some of the best memories in my life. Many things were laughed and cried over, many meals succeeded and failed, and many a people got to come in and experience the wonder that it held. It was really old and had many quirks like the bathroom door not working a lot and our kitchen fridge which leaked and made the floor squirt up this gross water, but all in all it was home and we adored it.

3. First College Dorm Room - We were pretty blessed when it came to our first dorm room. Supposedly the year before us they had crammed four girls in there who complained enough and stated that it should be 3 girls. We got the benefit for that and were so thankful. We were located on Ponce 3rd West which was actually the 4th floor since they went Lobby, 1, 2, 3. When you walked into our room we had a fireplace (cemented in but at one point we put up our own version of a fire) and mantle and all three of our beds and two dressers, when you turned to the left there was a giant doorway that led into a pseudo 2nd room that contained all three desks and closets and the last dresser. We had suite mates who lived next to us (with the biggest walk in closet ever!) whose room we had to walk through to get to our bathroom. 5 girls, 1 bathroom. It worked out better then you would think. The one thing I remember most about the dorm was that it smelled like vanilla, it was decided fragrance and that worked for everyone and anytime I smell it I think of the dorm.

Tomorrow is week 2 of Weigh In Wednesday so today I'm celebrating Tear it up Tuesday and am eating my best and working out as much as my time allows me to.


Monday, March 25, 2013

With My Head Held High

A simple text from a friend is what has inspired this blog post. We were having a conversation about my blog and she said "Do you think you're gaining more self-confidence from eating healthy and exercising?" My immediate thought was yes but probably not what you think it's for. I am open book, you kind of have to be to post your weight publicly for all your friends and family and anyone who cares to look to see. This journey is going to be one of the hardest and easiest I have ever been on.

As I pondered this question it brought up things from my past. I lived in Germany for my middle school years, I was a typical middle schooler. Really awkward and so were all of my friends. Right after middle school we moved to Alabama and I started as a freshman in high school knowing maybe one person. For the next three years I packed on the pounds and became depressed and suicidal. We moved to Florida in between my junior and senior year of high school and I went to college an hour away from my parents. In those times I fluctuated from 170 to 210 frequently.

Confidence has never really been a major issue. I know who I am and I know who God says I am. I don't need to look or feel a certain way to make myself happy. What I do need is to live a healthier lifestyle for my one day future man and children. I need to be the one to set the example for how to eat correctly and not abuse food. If I can't get my life and eating patterns together now how can I expect to set the example for my future family.

So to go back to that text and give an answer, yes I do have more confidence, because my life is being changed. I am exercising more and eating better. I have a ton more energy which makes me a happier person and one who can be better at my job and relationships. My body is changing as well but I take that just as an added bonus.

Don't forget that God made you the way you are and you are beautiful and or handsome. But it is up to you how you treat your body and how you train your thought patterns. Keep your head held high!

With so much love for each of you,


The Big (Not so much) Hike!

So let's see....

The weekend starts for me, anytime between 3:00 and 6:00 pm on any given Friday. This week it started at about 4:45. I had a gathering called Collective Nights (It's a beautiful thing that creates unity in the body among women across all generations and we meet once a month. If you live in the Atlanta area and want to know more let me know!!) at 6:30 so I had a good hour. Friday is always Fun Friday as my W does not have preschool so we always go out and do something fun of his choosing! This also means that there is no time in the day for me to get outside and walk. Getting off early I decided that it would be a good time to walk, so I went to my little walking trail and put in a good two miles before grabbing some Chick Fil A grilled nuggets and fruit to head down. Collective Nights was AMAZING, I am having issues with my family right now and I put it down on a prayer request sheet and was asked if it could be shared out loud and I said yes. After it was shared with the group, all the women rallied around me and just prayed for God to come in and intercede. It was such a beautiful thing, I don't think there was a dry eye in the place. His Spirit was welcomed and definitely felt in that moment.

After Collective Nights I had a craft night planned with a few girls and we were going to be painting truth canvases. There were four of us and we invaded my living room space, but with the help of Britta's painting drop cloth our floor was protected!


Basically what we would do is paint a canvas and then use stickers and paint over those and peel them off that shows a truth saying. We put on the good ole Pandora and turned it to a Mumford and Sons play list (AMAZING!) and just went to painting. We did not start until 10:30 but it's the weekend so who cares. My roommate has a dog, his name is Mylo. He is the best dog in the world and I love him dearly and spoil him rotten. For his own safety we put up a gate so he would not get into the paints. He just wanted to be near us but spent most of the night in puppy jail. Look at that face! (My roommates room is in the hallway on the right and she was in there so he wasn't just locked in a random hallway.)

This weekend I painted until about 2:00am and we were all pretty pleased with our final products. You can obviously tell that I am not an artist as everyone elses is elaborate and mine contains a simple blue on black. We wanted a picture with all of us and our canvases and my new bathroom has a mirror that is huge (very convenient to use when getting 3-4 girls ready to go out), so we took the very shameless mirror pick.

My plan on Saturday was to get up and go do my March 5K. Well it was raining and being completely exhausted from being up so late the night before I decided to postpone it to this upcoming Saturday which is March 30, so still in the month of March! Instead my roommate and I drove out to eat a Longhorn where her boyfriend works. The old Jenny would have gotten some ribs and fries, but I did my research ahead of time and knew exactly what I was going to order before arriving. I ended up with the napa chicken and rice and some green beans, very delicious and around 600 calories I believe. We drove back from Longhorn and I knew I needed to go walking or do some form of movement. I started looking up on my phone walking trails around Kennesaw and the ones all around Kennesaw Mountain popped up. Now I have heard about this mountain a number of times and have been intrigued by it and wanted to climb it one day. It was about 58 outside and I had a little bit of time so I decided that it was my choice of exercise for the day.
First off let me say, I love mountains. Obsessed with them actually. I lived in Florida for about 5 years and while I enjoyed my time there I missed seeing hills and mountains. I know, I know "But Florida has the beach!!!" well, I don't like the beach. Too much sand and salt water, I'm just not the biggest fan. Give me a mountain view with some waterfalls and a lake I can swim in, SOLD!! So anyways after reading and getting prepared for my hike, I put on my shoes, created my play list and drove to the base of the mountain. It was a mile up (and boy was it straight up) and a mile down. I started on the trail and immediately realized what everyone meant when they said it was a steep climb. About .15 miles in I could already feel the burn in every part of my body. I was stoked actually and really excited to get to the top. The views were spectacular, and the air was so nice and cool, I loved it. I did a lot of praying on my hike as well and there's just nothing like feeling so close to your creator then climbing something He spoke into existence with a breath. Stunning.



 All in all I did about 2.5 miles and it took me around an hour. I felt so accomplished and think this is something I want to start doing every Saturday. Its about a 600 calorie burn and I felt every bit of it.

After the walk I went home and took a shower and headed down to Atlanta to see Silver Linings Playbook for the second time. I loved it just as much as the first time! If you haven't seen it I highly recommend that you do. (It's on its way out of theaters now so act quickly.) After seeing that movie I went over to a friends place and watched the last part of Part 2 of Harry Potter the Deathly Hallows.
Sunday is probably one of my most favorite days of the week. I get to spend it being a Doorholder (the word we use at our church for a volunteer) and attending a Gathering. I go to Passion City Church and have been ever since we moved here. I get to serve as a Doorholder in Passion kids for the two morning services, and I love it so much! I end up spending the whole day at church but I get to be around my community a lot of whom I only see on Sundays. (Atlanta is big and you could easily live an hour away from someone you know) We ended up eating at On the Border after the evening gathering and it was just not a good experience. I was tired and cranky at the end and just ready to go home. Finally we got our bills and were ready to leave. I got home and laid in bed and typed up the first portion of this blog and am now getting ready to go into work for a whole new week.
I am linking up today with Covered in Grace, Sami's Shenanigans, and Synfully Delicious