Friday, March 15, 2013

Temptations, Victories, and Some Fun

Oh goodness, where do I begin on this one. Well the kids I nanny don't have the greatest diets, basically consisting of pizza, chicken, and Mac and cheese. Then there's snacks which is in a playing field all on its own. We keep a snack bag in the car, we eat snack after EVERYTHING we do. I feel part of the reason my weight continued to climb was the fact that there were snacks and food all around me and I would just eat and eat and eat. I was also raised on fast food, my family would eat out probably 3-4 nights a week and so it's something that I crave often just because I like it so much.

Since my change and attempting to better my eating and living habits I have attempted to stay away from the "it's just gonna be a quick bite" routine as I roll around the drive thru. I have been cooking a lot more at home, which means at certain times my house smells like a mixture of Asian and Mexican. I LOVE to cook, but the way I know how to cook is for a large among of people coming from a large family which means I have a number of left overs in my fridge at any given time ( if you're ever hungry please stop by!) has become my life saver these days with all the recipes I craze as low calorie options. Every one I have made so far has been a success Banging Good Shrimp, Asian Lettuce Wraps, and Asian Glazed Drumsticks....see a pattern haha.
The top is a picture of the ones I made and the bottom is from the website.

Well yesterday was Thursday and on Thursdays my younger two kids have gymnastics and the oldest has softball and so it's a balancing act between their parents and I to coordinate where everyone needs to be and when. Since the oldest had a game last night my job was to take the younger kids to Wendy's grab some dinner and head over to the fields. I wasn't hungry at the time but once I rolled up to that speaker box like an addict I felt like I had to get something so I got some chicken nuggets and French fries. BIG MISTAKE. It had been a few weeks since I ate that much in one sitting and my body retaliated and I got sick, I'll spare you the details but needless to say it wasn't good. I think I learned my lesson last night and it was a good one to learn, my body does not like that food anymore especially when it has been getting fruits and veggies and healthier snacks.

Even with the fast food slip up yesterday, I went dancing last night and then weighed in this morning and have now hit the 5lbs lost. Woot woot, insert happy dance. That's 5 down and 70 to go! And to celebrate my little victory I went and purchased a new outfit with the help of my three lovelies of course.

Since I am new to this whole consistently blogging thing I am going to attempt my first link up ever with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk for her High Five for Friday . So excited to see and meet some new people as I get this thing up off the ground.

1. I bought my 12th pair of TOMs, obviously I am quite the fan.

2. I downloaded the Charity Miles app and am now raising money as I walk to go towards Autism Speaks, which is special to me because my sister has Aspergers.

3. After work I met up with a friend in Downtown Atlanta and did a 2-mile walk, I probably took about 100 pictures but this was by far my favorite.

4. Since moving I have met some new friends who I have been so blessed by. Thursday night we went out and went dancing which was a ton of fun, I'm sore, but it's so worth it.

5. After putting the kids I nanny to bed tonight (parents are away on anniversary trip) I marched downstairs and watched an entire episode of Parenthood and beasted out a good elliptical workout, burning about 600 calories. Can I get a what what?!?!?!

Tonight I get to sleep in a King sized bed which is such a change from my twin trundle that I dearly love. All my kids are already asleep and off to dreamland and now I am headed that direction as well. Busy day ahead of us tomorrow.

Until Then.



  1. That Charity Miles app looks awesome! I volunteer with a local non-profit benefiting autism spectrum families. We will have to check that out. Love Autism Speaks as well!

    1. That's fantastic, it's a really great app you just turn it on and it turns your miles into money, couldn't be any easier. Thanks for stopping by!!