Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekend Blast!!

This weekend started for me at 3:00 on Friday. Normally that would mean that I get to go home and hang out for a little bit before doing some sort of random thing to kick of the weekend. This weekend was different because it was Good Friday. My church puts on an event every Good Friday and about 12,000 people come for worship and powerful word all revolving around one thing, the fact that Jesus died once for all. So after an early dinner at Panera and a walk around a park I got to the amphitheater and got to my seat (luckily I know people who got there super early and saved me a seat in the middle front section!!). It started at 7:30 and went until about 10:30 and I loved every bit of it! I teared up at just about everything but really cried when our Pastor asked those who wanted to accept Jesus for the first time to stand up and people started standing up everywhere. Such a powerful thing!  These photos are two that I took that night, and are probably my favorite.

Saturday started early for me as I needed to fit in my March 5K before April hit. (My new years resolution for the last 3 years has been to do one 5K a month and the farthest I have made it is April, so I am bound and determined to complete it this year!) So at last minute my friend Chelsea texted me about a 5K happening here in Kennesaw for Love146 which works closely with girls who are rescued from the sex industry. My alarm went off at 6:30 and I met her there at 7:00.The race began at 8:00 and off we went. My goal each time I run is to just finish a little bit faster then the last race. My other motto is "If you finish, you win" and because of that I never lose! My time in February was around 43 minutes but this race was super hilly and I ended up coming in at 46 minutes. According to my RunKeeper I ran 3.29 miles instead of what was suppose to be 3.12 soooo I am still rather proud of myself.


After my run and my traditional trip to Chick Fil A for a celebratory chicken biscuit I went home to get my roommates dog to go on a walk. We walked for about an hour and it benefited both us quite a bit, and he sure was a happy puppy

I decided that since I had the whole afternoon that I would be adventurous and cook something new, there were three recipes on SkinnyTaste and I had most ingredients so I went and purchased the left over necessities. When I got home I cooked for a while and the house smelled amazing, and eventually I ended up with this, Steak skillet with mushrooms and onions, Latin Yellow Rice, and Green Bean Bundles. All amazing, but the rice and green beans were my favorite!! I wasn't able to eat all of it and then I took a 2 1/2 hour nap on the couch....this is so rare for me as I normally can't nap. It was glorious! I got up and got ready to go to dinner with some friends at my favorite restaurant ever, Tin Lizzys where I enjoyed fried pickles, so worth it.

Sunday was Easter and I was back at Verizon Ampitheater to have our Easter Gathering with my church. Of course it was beautiful and a constant reminder of the fact that Jesus defeated sin and death all in three days. Always blows my mind!! This is my friend Ivy, I love her so much and her birthday was on Good Friday! Fun fact about Ivy, she always has THE BEST nails in the world.

Since my family lives in Florida and I live up here in Atlanta, I usually take on pseudo families and my friend Kasey's was mine for Easter. We went over and ate soooo much food! It was a fun time and I enjoyed being able to be around people instead of being by myself with the dog all day. I did end up coming back home and walking with Mylo for a little while and it felt good as it was a nice 67 outside, I was even able to wear my work out tank!

Such a busy busy weekend but I loved it all. The kids are on Spring Break this week, which also includes my birthday, should be a good time!

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