Friday, March 29, 2013

An Acrostic Based Upon My Feelings About Traffic

To be honest I hate you, it's not me it's you, or rather the drivers that don't understand that if you keep going this wouldn't happen.

Really nice car in front of me, please don't slam on your brakes too suddenly, I drive a Toyota Camry and am just a nanny and I don't have the money to fix your thousands of dollars bumper because it has a sensor.

As I look at the lines of cars ahead of me and I see the shoulder beside me I am tempted to just get over and go as fast as I can. But I do nothing and just get ready for the long journey ahead of me.

Friendly driver next to me I understand the smile and wave the first time. I would do the exact same thing but we all know we are going to be driving right next to each other for a few miles so please don't do it again.

Finally we go a little bit and my car makes it to that 40 line but cruelly oh so cruelly you put me, yet again at a complete stop on this horrific road.

I would much rather be at my destination by now but since I'm trapped looks like it's just me and candy crush on my iPad and Tristan Prettyman on my shuffled phone.

Could you ever consider how I feel traffic, well you can't because you have no emotions but yet you still seem to bring out the worst in people.

Thanks for nothing, ever.

Jenny (pissed off driver)

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  1. OhMyGawd! Kinhsip...I totally could have written this any of the days I drive. I have no patience, especially for stupid drivers on the road! Great post :)