Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lorax Party

So its Tuesday, and as a rule good things happen on Tuesday, so I am going with the fact that I am writing this blog is a good thing.

Unfortunately I am feeling a little under the weather right now, but I know it's because the leaves are changing and the rain is coming, signaling that Fall is right around the bend and I cannot wait!

A few weeks ago before the kids went back to school Dr. Seuss' The Lorax released on DVD. I. Love. This. Movie! (I saw it three times in theaters and only one of those times was with the kids) The kids and I were so excited as we had been listening to the soundtrack for months leading up to the day. When the day got here we knew that we were going to buy it right away but I figured it also gave us ample opportunity to do crafts and snacks and a party basically! The kids were stoked and all decided that they would wear orange, it was adorable to say the least. Here is a peek of us getting the DVD.

My kids LOVE crafts, I don't know for sure if they really love crafts or they love the fact that I love crafts more then anything and they are all kids who strive to please. But nonetheless they were really excited when I pulled up my list of activities we were going to be doing. This first one we did was the Lorax face himself involving hand prints (Their mom loves hand prints so the more we use the better :) ). The link to the Lorax page is here Lorax Paper Plate Craft. The second craft we did is just a scene from The Lorax when they get to the place where the Onceler finds the Truffula Trees to make his Thneed. The kids colored Popsicle sticks and then put tissue paper on top to make it look "fluffy". Then we used goldfish and chocolate teddy grahams to make the fish and bears which they loved (we included that in our snack, making for three happy campers).

The crafts ended up taking a lot longer then I thought they might and so that's all we were able to do BUT.....we made the most amazing snack in the entire world and I thought the kids (mainly my girls) were going to lose their mind when I showed them the picture. I found this fantastic snack via pinterest like I find many other things as well, (I spend way to much time on there in all honesty).
The girls got to help with all of the making and they especially loved getting to lick the bowl. I didn't happen to take photos while we were making them but I was able to take a picture when we were done. TA-DA!!!!!!!

These are Truffula Tree Cupcakes and they were divine, nothing like a chocolate cake and some mint frosting to make any humans day happier. Here is the link to the website should you choose to make them yourself. Truffula Tree Cupcakes
We ended up having to watch the movie at my apartment because our DVD player is not hooked up right now in the house. Over all it was a fantastic day and the kids had a blast, especially with this last little piece ;)

Off to more adventures!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


To say my three lovelies have too much toys is an understatement. They have oodles and oodles of toys. One of the first tasks I was assigned when I was hired as the nanny was to try and clean the play room, which in and of itself was a disaster. I have successfully thrown away about 5 bags of toys and donated about 5 more bags. An accomplishment I am very proud of.

The family has recently re-done the main floor to include painting and moving of furniture. This change also brought moving of "the chest". Now "the chest" was just that, a giant chest that sat on the main floor next to the table where we end up doing all of our crafts. The chest was more like a catch all which contained more toys then you can imagine and all of our craft supplies. Since the removal of the chest the kids have been a little lost not having a plethora of toys to choose from, hence came the idea for organization bins to go under the couch.

I am really blessed that I work for a mom who is very realistic and allows me to do things that end up working very well for the kids and I and the whole family. I bought three blue bins that were just short enough to fit underneath the couch that could hold a few (not a ton!) toys. I figured the kids should be as involved as possible in the process and so I brought down the prized sharpies, wrote their names on each bin and allowed them to go crazy decorating, which they of course loved.

Decorating the bins was so much fun to them.

 The finished products.

And now full of toys and placed under the couch, the new rule is, if it doesn't fit, it doesn't stay :)

Off to new Adventures :)