Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Catching Up!

February 20, 2013.....whoa! I can't believe we are only 8 days away from March. My mom always said when I was younger that as you get older time seems to go by just a little faster each year and boy am I finding that out to be true.

So lets see what new is happening in my life for those of you not able to be close enough to watch it happen.

The time has come for my roommate, Lindsey and I to pick up and move to a new city. Alpharetta has been fantastic to us and with my job being only 10 minutes away from our apartment it has proven to be very convenient. The downside to where we live is that there is no one who lives anywhere near to us. So different from living in St Augustine when anyone can be reached in 5-15 minutes no matter where you are going. Now we find ourselves driving 30-45 minutes to get anywhere....whew! We finally made the decision to move to Kennesaw, GA which is 40 minutes west of where we live now. For Lindsey the drive to work is the same distance, for me my commute goes from 10 minutes to 45!! A lot of people would wonder why in the world I would move that far away. I have one word, community. I am a people person by nature and thrive when I am around a ton of people I know and am able to connect with. Here in Alpharetta there are families and families and more families and very few young adults our age. Kennesaw is home to Kennesaw State University and million (ok maybe an exaggeration) young adults our age. Most of our community from church lives over there and so after praying and praying we decided that would be the best location for us to relocate to. We sign the lease on Sunday and have about a two week overlap before we have to be out of our apartment here, which is nice considering I just packed by first box this morning.... Anyways I am so excited for the next chapter that comes with living 5-10 minutes from community.

I am still nannying with the Furr family and have been with them over a year now which is CRAZY!
I still love my job and have found that I am able to grow into my position and for that I feel that the Lord is asking me to stay a little longer then I planned. Which makes sense because when I make a plan the Lord is quickly there to remind me that my plans are not his. (Still a hard lesson to learn) I hope to teach one day in the future but for now am realizing that I love my job and have a lot of freedom to do some things I love like knit and sew.

The kids are growing up wayyyy to fast. A is in 3rd grade and extremely smart, she has been asked to be in TAG (talented and gifted) and we are so proud of her. She is very much an oldest child as she thinks she is in charge most of the time and I have to lovingly remind her that it is not the case. She really loves getting me alone to have "girl talk" which usually occurs while the younger two are at gymnastics. S is in Kindergarten and loves it, it took her a while to adjust and for the first three weeks I wasn't sure if we were going to make it through all of the meltdowns. She has now adjusted very smoothly and loves coming off the bus to give me a huge hug and tell me all about her day. W is in 4 day a week preschool and is getting tall and growing more each and every day. Every Friday we have Fun Friday which usually takes us to the Zoo, Aquarium, Movies, and the like and then tops off with a trip to Scoops! our favorite ice cream store after the girls get off the bus.

At Tellus Museum in Cartersville where the kids got to pan for gems and take them home!!! Talk about fun :)

I think that's it for now..... I am currently roasting veggies to mix with cream cheese and make Turkey Pinwheels! The house smells AMAZING!!!

More posts should follow soon as the kids and I embark on new adventures....

Until Then,