Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vacation's All I Ever Wanted

So wow.

I always and always do this where I don't write in my blog for months and it seems this time it has been since February....

Oh well.

Lets try this again and again and again, I guess if you want to read then it doesn't matter when I last posted.

This week the family that I nanny is on Vacation at their Grandaddy's lake house, which for most nanny's would mean a week without work or pay. The thing is, I truly work for the best family in the world and since I am salary I get paid the same thing every week no matter what. So this is a paid week of vacation (the first one in my life!!!! [When did I get older?!?!]). I normally get two weeks of paid vacation but since this is not my personal vacation it doesn't count against it, so it's like a 2 for 1 and I am just beyond blessed to be where I am.

I have settled into a fantastic routine with the kids, and I am seeing a lot of progress when it comes to attitudes and manners which is a win in my book. I take my job very seriously and know that I am not just a babysitter but I am helping these parents raise their children to be productive human beings. We have a morning check list now for each of the children. I started this mainly for me so that I wouldn't forget to do the most basic things like brush teeth and breathing treatments. It can get very hectic when you are trying to get three kids together and out of the door in 30 minutes. On the days that I succeed I like to do a little dance and am usually in a really good mood, for some reason it feels so good to be accomplished. It also allows the kids to be as independent as they can be. Below is a picture of the checklists, they have pictures besides the items for my non readers and then they take their stars (which are Velcro) and attach it next to each one when completed. When everything is finished they bring it to me and I give them three stickers to put of their sticker chart, so it helps me and it helps them.
 Our Lovely Checklists!

We have 12 weeks of summer and this is week 9, so we have three more weeks to have as much fun as we can before school starts back up and we get into the swing of things. As much as I love summer and all the stuff we get to do, I am a huge fan of school (and so is mom!). It allows us to be scheduled and I work better knowing what I am doing each day then winging it and hoping the kids stay busy and have fun. My oldest, A who turned 8 in June will be going into 3rd grade, my middle, S is starting Kindergarten and I must say I am super sad as she is my buddy and princess and I will miss not having her until 2:50 in the afternoon, and then there is W who is going to be doing three day a week preschool. It seems I need to start getting prepared for activities to keep a 4 year old boy happy which I don't think I will have a problem doing :)

These are my "loves" as I call them. 

Other then that, I have settled very nicely in up here with a church family and friends whom I adore so much. I really love the Alpharetta area and am so glad to see what God has been teaching and doing in my life. I continue to seek Him in all that I do and pray that no matter what I continue to bring glory to His name!