Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Treasure Box (or Envelope)

I think the earliest things I remember about my childhood was the coveted treasure box. In Kindergarten we got smiley faces at the end of the day if we were good and if yours happened to have a gold star you got to pick from the treasure box. Every Doctors and Dentist Apt there were nerves running high but they would be covered by the excitement of the fact that at the end you would get to pick from the treasure box. With a degree in Education and as a nanny for 3 children I understand the importance of rewarding good behavior. We have a sticker chart on our fridge and every time the kids do something good they get to place a sticker on the chart and once the chart is full they get to choose a prize. So I thought to myself as I was doing one of my walks, what would actually motivate me to really lose weight this time. It came to me. Prizes.

I had this idea the last time I was losing weight and dropped 20 lbs but was never able to really focus and get it all together. This time I was walking through Target when I noticed this box of colorful cards and envelopes. My roommate would call me a hoarder but I like to say I'm a collector hehe. I just love things so that one moment when I need it, viola, it's there for me and I don't have to go purchase it. So I bought the huge pack of cards and envelopes and decided that it was time to put this idea into an actual practice. I was hanging out at a friends (my friend is also getting healthy and losing weight) and I pulled out my cards and told her my idea. She loved the idea, along with her roommate and asked if they could join in and of course I said YES!

We spent the next hour writing out inspirational notes to ourselves and put them in cards in increments of 5lbs. I have 75lbs to lose to get to my forever goal, the first few things were really easy figuring out a prize and a fun saying to go along, but as I got to 45, 50, 65 lbs it was hard to think of prizes. I eventually got through with the cards! Don't you just love all of those colors??

Inside each card there is an inspiration note and the prize that I am going to get for achieving that milestone. Now if I had it my way I would make enough money to pay all of my bills and have plenty over to just put all the money I need in all of the envelopes immediately, but that's not the case. So for now I am taking some money out of every pay check and putting them slowly into the envelopes and once it has all the money it needs in it, the envelope is sealed only to be opened when the milestone is reached. I couldn't just keep them laying on my bed so I hung them up on my cork board in my room and I love all the colors sooo much!!

I have already achieved my 5lb goal and even though my card says that I was to get a book I happened to make a little extra money that week and was with the kids I nanny while in Target. My kids love going to Target but they also love going clothes shopping with me, and I love it. They are brutally honest and will tell me what they think without worrying about hurting my feelings because they just see it as it is. Needless to say a good 75 dollars later I ended up with an entire new outfit that I love! Its definitely a spring outfit and even though right now it's in the 50s it was in the 70s this past weekend and I know Spring is trying to creep in slowly but surely. 

Aren't these kiddos great little shopping helpers :)

I cannot wait to open the rest of my cards, and I know it will come sooner then later this time.
Don't forget to treat yourself, you are worth it!!!

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  1. I looove this idea! Because:
    1. You're giving yourself something tangible to work towards.
    2. You're not rewarding yourself with food!
    3. The bright colors really do look great.
    4. It's great that you've set it all out ahead of time!

    I have set just one short-term prize goal for myself, and will buy myself a proper gym bag when I reach 190 (which is in about 5.5 more pounds.) But I think I want to steal this idea, and make a whole lot more goals like this!!