Friday, March 22, 2013

Pajamas, Perler Beads, and Pink Eye, Oh My!!!

When I started this blog it was mainly because so many people were asking me about the projects and things I would do with the kids I nanny. I was born a natural mom, since that hasn't happened for me yet (gotta get that man first!) I did the next best thing, became a nanny. It's like getting paid to be a mom and then being able to go home and still have a life. If you ask all three of my kids what their favorite thing about me they would consistently answer "She is creative and smart and we do LOTS of crafts." Crafts are my jam. I am not an artist but I am a crafter and there is a big difference! Anyways as this blogs progresses you'll see it go back and forth from my own journey to the things I do for a living being a nanny of three fantastic children.

On Wednesday after picking up my youngest W from preschool I noticed there was something off with his eyes. Red, weepy, glazed look, and crust around the eye lashes. Uh oh. I know what this means, the nemesis, Pink Eye. I immediately called mom and dad to fill them in and then called the Dr to see if I could bring him in. The Dr I talked to on the phone said what I thought was true probably was as long as there was no fever or ear pains, and he didn't have either. So she called in prescription eye drops and told me he was contagious for 24 hours. The little buddy was a champ as I explained to him what all this meant, mainly that we were not going anywhere for a whole day and he couldn't go to school the next day. Without skipping a beat he looked at me and said "Can we do a pajama day????" And I said "Of course, why not!" So on Thursday that left me coming into work in my pajamas. Did I mention I have the best job in the world!?!?! The dad walked out that morning and loved the idea and said he wished he could join us!

We had a fantastic day! It mostly consisted of movies and Perler Beads. If you think you don't know what Perler Beads are, it's probably just that you don't know what the actual name of these glorious wonders. I bought these at the beginning of last summer as a transition activity when I needed an hour to do dishes or fold laundry and needed to keep three kids entertained. It worked like a charm and they loved it! We brought them back out a few weeks ago and only had a small amount because our big bucket is trapped somewhere in a bin in the garage as our basement is being redone. Needless to say it can be a very relaxing process and the kids love it and are usually silent while doing it. It's also very easy to watch a movie or listen to music along with doing beads. That's just what we did. We put all the movies we both liked on paper and into a bowl and pulled out a movie and watched it, then when that was over we did it again. I think we got through about 4-5 solid movies.

We also made our own dine in movie theater and pulled up the TV trays and had chicken nuggets and corn (I had my faithful lean cuisine). He chose the big comfy chair, and it is exactly that. Fights usually happen over who gets to sit in the chair so he was so excited that he did not have to fight his sisters and had it all to himself. Even their dog Chester decided to join in on the action.

We had car pool that day too so when we picked the girls up they were shocked that I was in my pajamas and asked if they could change as soon as they got home. Of course! Its Pajama Day after all. So they ran upstairs and changed immediately and came down to have pancakes for snack. We decided to mix it up a bit and add some coloring and we all decided on the color green. A and S love chocolate (an understatement) so naturally they had green chocolate chip pancakes. And no, S is not crying in the picture I told her to make her face that she was so happy and she likes to do the opposite of whatever I say sometimes especially when it comes to pictures. They loved the pancakes!

After that we went outside to play catch. A started playing last season and I played Rec Leagues for 6 years so she loves being able to throw with a "big girl". She is really good and I enjoy tossing the ball with her. The littles just sat and watched and hung out with the dogs in their chairs.

All in all such a fun day was made out of two pink eyes. Who doesn't want to just stay in their pajamas all day!


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