Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Funnel Cake Fun!

It was a Monday afternoon. In Georgia. Thanks to my Time Hop app, it let me know that on that day last year the kids and I were at a park and it was 80 outside. As of right now its about 38 degrees outside and has been snow flurrying all day long. This is not one happy nanny I might say. Cold days mean that we stay inside and it's even worse when we have to miss an activity we love so much which is Horseback riding. This nanny needed to think of something to do to occupy our usually very full afternoon. As my W man was sitting on the couch having his hour with the Ipad I also was on my Ipad searching the amazing Pinterest for something to catch my eye. Then I saw it, and I knew it was meant to be.

This is the Pin that popped up.
(If your mouth is now watering don't worry, mine did the exact same thing)
Now a little known fact about my three lovelies is that the youngest, W is a picky picky eater. Oh, and he doesn't like sweets. The only desserts he considers to be worthy of his pallet are lollipops, cinnamon pretzels, and funnel cakes. This makes it hard when I attempt to make some fun dessert for the kids. It usually ends up being for A and S, and W just ends up with a lollipop. I quickly looked at the ingredients and checked our pantry. We were missing like two things so I piled W up in the car and got the girls off the bus and off we went to Target to get the rest of our supplies. The girls attempted to guess the whole way there what we were going to be making especially since it was something that W would actually eat. Finally on the way home and after giving the clue that it sort of was like Cotton Candy in a sense (as in you get it at a carnival), A popped up with "Funnel Cake??? " They were all very excited!
We arrived at home and the kids cleaned the bunny cage while I heated up the oil and mixed everything together for this FANTASTIC snack. I love love love junk food any and all kinds, I mean who ever says they don't is just lying to themselves. I mixed everything together and put it in a squirt bottle as the children came barreling in the house. I am pretty sure they cleaned the cage faster then they ever had before. I made them go wash their hands and get to step stools to make some funnel cakes. We placed a circle cookie cutter in the oil to help shape our funnel cakes and off we went. I did the first couple to make sure everything went smoothly then one by one they got to climb up on the step stool and squirt the dough into the oil.

They cook super fast and it was definitely an act of getting the kids under control and making sure I didn't burn the funnel cakes. Needless to say it went pretty smoothly and in no time we each had made 4 mini funnel cakes. We got all the plates lined up and placed the cakes on them. Then I sprinkled (or dumped...) powdered sugar on them and chocolate sauce for the girls. Boy did they look divine. I made the kids go wash their hands again and get a glass of water to go with their carnival snack. It took about 5 minutes for the goods to be destroyed and it was a hit. The kids loved it so much (I did too..).


I am linking up with Stephanie over at BEAUtiful mess and Katie over at Keep Calm and Carry On . I am obsessed with Pinterest and am so glad there is a link up to show that Pinterest can be such a wonderful thing!!!
Just another brilliant thing found on Pinterest to help in this nanny's life!


  1. omg who doesn't love funnel cake! looks delish!

  2. Mmmm funnel cakes!! Those kids are too cute. I'm almost 23 too! Found you through the link-up.. new follower :)

  3. looks so tasty! I could totally go for one of those about now!

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