Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's Tough Being a Girl - Weigh In Wednesday

I am linking up with Erin @ She's A Big Star and Alex @ Skinny Jean Pilgrimage for this week's weigh in Wednesday!

Not gonna lie, when my alarm went off this morning I thought, I do NOT want to get on that scale this week. Last week after my first official Wednesday weigh in where I only .2 pounds I figured ok, that's a little but it's something and I can get a few more this week. I did fantastic Wednesday-Saturday and then Sunday was ehhh, Monday was a little better and then yesterday came. Now usually I take Tuesdays very seriously and call it my Tear it Up Tuesday where I eat my best and work out as much as time will allow me.
I went into to the day with the best intentions possible. I had my normal breakfast and I even did 5 miles and had a great lunch, then the afternoon hit. Usually in the afternoon I have a 100 calorie Cheeze-it Snack Mix Snack Bag, because I am obsessed and it's enough to last me until I get home. Yesterday was another story, for some reason I was STARVING, part of me was super confused, I have not dealt with this is over a month. By the time I left work I had already eaten 3 rice Krispie treats, a banana, some crackers, and a bowl of cheese puffs. Not a good afternoon. I decided that it was ok, sometimes it happens and that I would get Maddio's a pizza place where you can get wheat crust and a pizza that is 6 inches round (perfect portion) and a Greek salad. I got home and ate my dinner and then realized again I was sooo hungry. Then as I was preparing some lettuce chicken wraps my phone dinged and I looked at it and thought oohh this makes sense. Mother Nature is suppose to hit tomorrow or the next day. As a girl sometimes it's so easy to forget about that necessary evil that makes us females and what it can to do to our body. And for me, when it's right before I get headaches and could seriously eat anything you put in me. Later that night I ended up making a McDonald's run, something I haven't done in a good few weeks. I had a cheeseburger, fries, and chicken nuggets and finally felt like I wasn't hungry any more. Luckily with the help of my roommate and an old college roommate I didn't feel as defeated as I could have. We retain water during this time and usually gain weight, it's water weight, and after everything has gone and passed (never soon enough!) it will all go away.
So like I said, this was not a good week for me, I did not come anywhere close to only eating the calories I am suppose to and not my work out calories, but here is to a new week, hopefully a better one. I climbed on the scale this morning and it read 212.3 so I gained 1.3 lbs, honestly I figured it could be WAY worse. It just gives me motivation to work a little harder and do a little more this week, especially since next Wednesday is my 23rd birthday (I don't know how this age just crept up on me, I remember turning 18 and going to college, that was 5 years ago now....) and I plan on having a good bit of weight loss!!
Tune in next week, I guarantee it will be better!!!!!


  1. Ughh, I hate it when that happens, but there's nothing you can do about it! I swear I could eat wallpaper when I get hungry like that... anything and everything is fair game - haha! Just drink plenty of water this week and you'll be back down those 1.3 lbs. in no time and you'll be kicking your birthday off right when you step on that scale next Wednesday!

  2. I hate when I forget she's coming, especially when it's so close to WIW! How is it we get so damn hungry, I'm the same way, you could put anything in front of me and I'd probably eat it!

    Drink lots of water this week and get some exercise and you'll be fine next week!


  3. I also do the same thing! I just want to eat everything in sight! Well, I take that back, I want to eat everything in sight that I know I shouldn't be eating. Leave the carrots and celery, and go for chips and sweets. Not good. But I always get past it, and can work that back off again, so I know you can too! Don't let it get the best of you, and you'll snap right back into your healthy eating habits again :)

  4. Being a girl is hard! I, too, get that way once a month. I cravy salty and crunchy. And even though I don't like cake, pie, and cookies or candy, I find myself with peanut m&ms and snickers. I'm starving all the time, regardless of what or when I eat. You definitely have the right attitude about it. I always feel guilty and disgusted after I eat something horribly bad for me or eat too much. The healthy attitude you have will help you bounce right back. Good luck!

  5. Ugh girl I hear you!! I'm 23. And I'm like what... Haha. That's how I was with my bday too. You got this!! We can do this!!

  6. I totally gain 2lbs EVERY period and it tends to go away shortly after I finish. No worries. I get so ravenous too.. like it's so not okay the amoutn of food I can eat when Im pms'ing ahah. So scary!!

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