Tuesday, March 26, 2013

These Are the Best Days of My Life

I'm joining Halie over at Penguins, Pasta, and Polka Dots for today's First Things First, along with her co-hosts Veronica @ Passion, Pink, and Pearls and Jess @ Jess is More. This week is all about firsts at college, which probably happens to be the best days of my life. I loved college and now find myself wishing I had not graduated early and jumped into the real world as quickly. Even so, I had a great experience!

First Things First
1. My First Roomies - My first ever roomies were Becky Morrison and Stphanie West, we both went to my high school. I knew Becky from church and when I moved my senior year of high school and had no idea where I was going to school, Becky always talked about Flagler College in St Augustine, FL. I have never heard of it but when I was researching in a book for good schools with Education programs it was one of the top 3 in the state. I visited the school and was blown away by its beauty and decided yes this is the place for me. Once I told Becky she was asked if we could room together and mentioned Stephanie since she knew her from school. Becky and I would end up living all 4 years of college together, though we were and still are pretty much opposites we got along pretty well. Stephanie moved to UCF and I have lost contact with her, we really didn't mesh well but I guess you can't always be friends with everyone. Becky and I met two other girls the first week of college and we all became close friends and ended up living together for the rest of our years after that. The first picture is of Stephanie and the second one is of the 4 of us. (Me on the left, Becky above me, and then Allie and Brittany)

2. First Time Living Away from Home - I am going to take this section to talk about the first house I lived in apart from my parents house. My roomies and I decided taht after our Sopohmore year it would be time for us to moe off campus but we needed to stay down town because two people did not have vehicles. Our search began adn we looked everywhere until one night Allie was talking with a girl who mentioned that she had 3 roommates and they lived in a 4 bedroom house downtown and would be moving out in May after graduation. They needed someone to fill in and we needed a house. So we got our ducks in a row and took all the necessary steps to make it our own. We called it "The Green House" original I know but we loved it! This is the first picture I took of it with my not so fancy phone.

And yes, that is a For Sale sign, it was for sale the entire time we lived there and we could have been kicked out at any time but I prayed and trusted and we lasted 2 whole years. Unfortunately the girls who went in after us only got a few months before the house was foreclosed on and they were forced to move :( We lived in this Green House for 2 years and made some of the best memories in my life. Many things were laughed and cried over, many meals succeeded and failed, and many a people got to come in and experience the wonder that it held. It was really old and had many quirks like the bathroom door not working a lot and our kitchen fridge which leaked and made the floor squirt up this gross water, but all in all it was home and we adored it.

3. First College Dorm Room - We were pretty blessed when it came to our first dorm room. Supposedly the year before us they had crammed four girls in there who complained enough and stated that it should be 3 girls. We got the benefit for that and were so thankful. We were located on Ponce 3rd West which was actually the 4th floor since they went Lobby, 1, 2, 3. When you walked into our room we had a fireplace (cemented in but at one point we put up our own version of a fire) and mantle and all three of our beds and two dressers, when you turned to the left there was a giant doorway that led into a pseudo 2nd room that contained all three desks and closets and the last dresser. We had suite mates who lived next to us (with the biggest walk in closet ever!) whose room we had to walk through to get to our bathroom. 5 girls, 1 bathroom. It worked out better then you would think. The one thing I remember most about the dorm was that it smelled like vanilla, it was decided fragrance and that worked for everyone and anytime I smell it I think of the dorm.

Tomorrow is week 2 of Weigh In Wednesday so today I'm celebrating Tear it up Tuesday and am eating my best and working out as much as my time allows me to.



  1. I loved seeing your old pictures of your Flagler dorm room! They were all soo different, and I'm pretty sure not two of them were the same. So cool to me. This was a great post and I of course loved reading it! Good luck with Tear it Up Tuesday. I love that name!!

  2. Love it! Love that you have so many great pictures and yalls house looks awesome!