Thursday, March 21, 2013

Food Abuse

When I'm stressed, I eat. I am an emotional eater. I was never really able to control much about my life as a child so when I got older the only thing I could really control is what I did and didn't put in my mouth. So in turn, I put everything in my mouth and ate just about everything in sight. When I am happy, I eat, when I am sad, I eat, and when I am angry, I eat. So last night when I received a phone call about some heavy stuff going on in my family my first instinct was to just eat everything in sight. Luckily I had a few friends over for dinner and had already planned a healthy meal with a healthy dessert and so was able to stick to that. Today however has proven to be a more difficult adventure. I literally want to eat everything in sight. I am attempting to teach myself that food is not the answer. So this morning I went on a walk for about an hour then I found chores to do all around the house and went shopping before coming home to prepare lunch and eat. I'm not gonna lie, if I could right now I would go in that pantry and eat every single Rice Krispie Treat in the box (probably 18). Instead I am going to go pick up W from school, get the car washed, and play some soccer with him to keep my mind busy and not thinking about food.

So here's to new things, better things, better ways to handle emotions then using my body as a human trash can. I am worth more then treating my body like crap. I can not control the situation, but I can control how I handle it.



  1. At least you're aware you do this. Because now you can watch out for it, and learn how to control/handle it. Good for you girl. But sorry to hear about some bad news :(

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