Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Up and Down and Up and Down - Week 5

Once again I am linking up with Erin and Alex for today's Weigh In Wednesday.


I would be lying to you right now if I said I had a fantastic week and stuck to my guns and pushed it out. I don't know what happened but after my weigh in and a good size loss I think I forgot that I still have about 68 lbs to go to reach my goal. I slacked off majorly. I started eating everything in sight. I didn't really track and you know that if you don't track a lot of times it's going to do you no good. I have an insane memory and this morning when I sat down and tracked all my food I just about died. I just blew right through my extra weekly points and most if not all of my activity points that I earned. I ate out a lot more then I was suppose to when I had perfectly good food at home. I know it happens but I need to get my mind set on track or I am just going to be bouncing up and down a LONG time before getting where I want to be.

My activity level is still really high. I got this neat activity link that I clip onto my bra ( and since I am extremely blessed in that area you can never tell it's there ) and it tracks all of the activity points that I earn. First you have to do a week long assessment so they can see how many points you earn a day. In my meeting they talked about 4-6, 8 points and so I thought I would be in that range. At the end of my assessment I plugged in my link and was shocked. 12, that's what it read, that on average I earn 12 activity points a day. It has challenged me to reach 14 each day and I have so far. I am very interested to see if I will lose weight at my Weight Watchers meeting. (my weight at home and there is different because of the time of day and what not)

Last night my roommates boyfriend who is going to be a personal trainer one day (lucky me!) went with me to my little gym at the apartment and did an upper body workout with me. As I type this I cannot feel anything above my stomach, I am so sore. He has been a fantastic resource and is knowledgeable about healthy living and so luckily for me I am able to get to benefit from it. We are suppose to do lower body soon too, but I am excited. I have cardio down doing about 3-4 miles a day, but when it comes to strength training I have no idea what I am doing. It's nice to have someone sit and write it out for me and then tell me whether or not I am actually doing the exercises right or wrong. Thanks again Braden and thanks Linds for letting me take your man for a few minutes :).

I logged into my daily mile account and calculated all of miles in the month of April so far and I am at 43.63, I have 14 days left to reach my 100 mile goal and it basically means I need to do 4 miles a day from here on out. Challenge accepted!

Alright I stepped on the scale this morning and the result is......I gained 1.5. Not really that shocked. A little disappointed in myself for letting go and not really pushing myself last week. This is a whole new week though and all of my points from WW have reset and I am ready to buckle down and get to work. My roommate is out of town this weekend so I usually go walking and take her dog with me. Looks like we will be doing that a LOT.

My short term goals this week are

1. Drink more water, it doesn't matter how much. 2 cups would be more then what I drink now probably so I need to get on it.

2. No fast food unless eating out with friends. No lonely trips to the drive through this week.

3. Keep healthy snacks on hand.

4. Walk EVERY DAY.

Alright time to shape up for next week's weigh in, and my diet bet ends in 10 days and I now have 6lbs to lose, I have done it before. If I really push it out I can make it.



  1. I've yo-yo'd a lot on my WW journey, you will ultimately be successful if you keep pushing through! I have found this weekly link up really helps a lot. You sound like you are on track, you have a solid plan for next week, YOU CAN DO IT!

    Is the activity thing that you clip to your bra the pedometer, or do they have something new at WW)(I haven't been able to get to a meeting for 3 weeks)

  2. You wouldn't learn much from this journey if you didn't have a few up and downs. You have a good plan for this week. I bet you lose that 1.5 and then some!

  3. Just keep pushing - you seem determined this week and that little gain is going to be nothing in the long wrong! So jealous of the little PT sessions your'e getting - so wicked. Send him my way? aha.

    I just WW this week - ww twinsies! lol good luck with your goals this week. lets get em!

  4. Great short term goals! Stay focused! you can do this!

  5. My weight has been going up & down, but you're doing good. I'll tell ya though, that fast food is killer, alone or not, I literally have to completely cut it out to resist the temptation!


  6. Get back on track girl... just as quickly as you hopped off track, you can hop right back on. Weeks like that are so tough because they're usually the start of a downward spiral for me. Hopefully you can get right back on track and have better results next week!

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