Monday, April 8, 2013

A True Sabbath

This weekend for me started on Wednesday evening since I asked for Thursday and Friday off. I am so glad that I did.I was able to walk a good bit, spend time with friends, and take a true day of rest.

On Friday I woke up and knew that I wanted to hike the Burnt Hickory Loop around Kennesaw Mountain which is a 6.2 mile route that is suppose to take anywhere from 2-3 hours. In all of the trail books that I read it stated this was rated at about a difficult level. I have gone up and down Kennesaw Mountain a few times before, but this would take me up and over Big Kennesaw, up and over Little Kennesaw, up Pigeon Forge hill and then around the base as I made my way back to my car. It was a great hike except for the part where I lost trail and found myself going straight down the mountain. Towards the end of my walk, my friend Melissa who lives in DC right now for grad school called me. It was a pleasant surprise, she has lost 80 lbs with Weight Watchers and was my workout buddy when we both lived in St Augustine. We got to catch up and it was great to hear how her life is going.

After my super long walk I went home and showered and headed down to Atlanta to hang out with friends and get my hair trimmed. We all got together and then made our way to the Atlanta Food Truck Park. This place is probably my favorite thing to do when the weather is cooperating. It's basically a plot of land where a number of different food trucks come and you can choose what you want. There are picnic tables and usually music. It was in the upper 60s so it felt fantastic out there. My favorite Food Truck, One Love was there and it made my night. They serve Jamaican Jerk chicken with brown rice and cabbage and it is seriously the best food I have ever eaten. It was a great time and we got to take someone who had never been before which is always an experience. If you are ever near Atlanta you have to check it out!

When we were done stuffing ourselves full of food we decided we still wanted to do something else. We eventually decided to go Karaoking at a Korean Karaoke place and it was a blast! This was my second time doing this and it's a lot of fun because it's just you guys in a room with a karaoke machine to have as much fun as you make it to be. My favorite moment was singing with my friend Ivy, we sang You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban and it was beautiful.
Saturday morning I got up and found a new place to walk that was close to my house, it's called Swift-Cantrell Park and it has a mile long loop around the outside and then there is a half mile loop around the inside. There were a ton of people there but I got in a good three miles and was very satisfied. I went to Target to get snacks and get ready for the Braves game, you are allowed to bring in food and drinks as long as they are not previously opened and no glass or cans. I grabbed some healthier versions of snacks and got Subway to take in. We all met at my friend Kasey's house and headed down to Turner Field for the game. This weekend in Atlanta was crazy, with opening weekend for the Braves, the Final Four at the Georgia Dome, and tons of free concerts at Centennial Olympic Park. We all got into the stadium and found a table to sit down and eat our food and hang out before going and getting to our seats. It was a good time and I made everyone take a picture with me haha.
After we found our seats we took a million pictures and ate a lot of food as we waited for the game to start. My friend Kirsten got there later then us and brought me a tiara and a birthday button to wear, which I did proudly. It was a good game with a lot of fun but towards the end we were losing and it didn't look too good for the home team. I am firm believer though that you always stay till the end and I am so glad we did because we ended up winning in the last inning with two walk off home runs by the Upton brothers and it was amazing! We were all screaming and jumping around it was a fantastic end to an amazing celebration.

This year my birthday was just a testament of how God moves. Last year we knew no one on my birthday was it was spent with just my room mate and I. To see what can happen in a year in being faithful in living here in Atlanta, I am blown away by what God has blessed me with. This is the year of immeasurably more and it fantastic to see it in full effect.

After the game I ended up going over and staying the night at my friend Kirsten's house which is so adorable! I had plans on Sunday to go to another Braves game and then church and then to dinner to celebrate a friends birthday. As I woke up on Sunday I just felt like I needed to rest, I had been going non-stop for the past 4 days and just needed some time. So I decided to take an actual Sabbath which I feel we don't do enough. All I did was eat and sleep and watch movies while Kirsten had to study. It was wonderful and I never left the couch except to go get lunch. I am thinking these days need to happen more often. It was really nice and gave me the rejuvenation to come back to work today and get ready to go full force again until I get more vacation at the end of May. 
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  1. That sounds like such a great past 4 days! The giant hike, the baseball game, the amazing food truck park, and a day of movies?! All sounds wonderful to me! Glad you had a great weekend, and a great birthday celebration!

  2. Stopping by from the link-up. I'm a nanny too so I know how awesome time off is. Glad yours was well spent :)

  3. Sounds like an awesome couple of days! We have several food cart areas here in Portland, OR and my husband and I love visiting them on date nights. Awesome food for cheap.