Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture

Let me tell you.

For the last year or so I have wanted a Polaroid camera. I already have an older version but the film is about a million dollars for 10 pictures. (Not a million but more then I want to pay) However one day sitting on the computer looking at Pinterest or Stumble Upon or something I can't remember my eye caught a picture. It was a picture of a mini Polaroid camera with some pictures that had just been taken. I just about died. I was so excited I could pee my pants. I wanted that camera so bad. I put it on my Christmas list and didn't get it and then considered buying it myself and that didn't happen as well. Then when I started making prizes for my weight loss journey I thought I would put it down as a prize for losing 70 lbs, it was a great motivation I thought. As I went to write down the camera my friends were like uhh you should probably not put that down hehe. So I knew they were getting me the camera I wanted for my birthday. Anyways thanks to back order and all sorts of stuff I finally got my camera last night!

We went out to dinner with a whole bunch of people and the girls handed me an Urban Outfitters bag and I probably squealed I was so excited because I knew what it was!

I ripped it open as we were getting seated and attempted to put in the batteries and the film so that I could take a picture immediately.Isn't she just a beauty!

I got together with the girls and had Kasey's mom take the first picture of all of us together.

Funny story - we were at dinner with a few couples who had children who were probably in the age range 7-12. They were of course very curious of what this new camera was, and as we explained that the picture appears immediately I thought they were going to die. They were in awe! I think I kept hearing "So it comes out right now?!?!" about a hundred times. Our waiter was even really interested and asked the girls where they got it because it was too cool.

We had a great dinner and even  told them it was my birthday since I got my present there and they brought out something with a candle in it and we all clapped and sang. I loved it!

On my drive home I decided that I needed to do something with all of these pictures because I will be taking as many as I can afford! I had an extra frame in my room that my SIL gave me a while ago and I had not figured out what to use it for. So I decided to use it to display my new Polaroids.

I got all my supplies together and let my creative juices flow!

A blank frame

Some Yarn or Ribbon or String - This was in my craft bin

A glue gun and some mini clothes pins - I had these from a project I did a while back 

Burlap or any fabric you have on hand

And maybe a puppy who is very very curious 

After the glue gun is heated I cut a piece of ribbon that would fit horizontally across the frame but left a little extra so that it would droop a bit in the middle. I glued each end to the top corner on the inside of the frame and then I took a second piece and glued it in the middle of each side as well. After they dried I cut a piece of burlap and slowly glued it around the edges and attempted to pull it as tight as it would go.

(Isn't that what the back of crafts are for, to allow it to look as rough as possible)

After I flipped it around and this is what it looked like.

Then I took my baby clothes pins and clipped on the three pictures I had taken.

I felt it needed one more picture before I Instagramed it, because honestly why do I do anything except for to Instagram it! You can follow me at @jennylynn4390

I took this picture, it's still developing a little here.

Then I clipped it with the other two pictures, set up the camera in front and snapped my photo!


It's only going to hold 6 maybe 8 if I squish them but that's ok with me. I also just ordered a cut photo album that holds 73 of these cute photos. So I can rotate them from my frame into a book and hopefully keep them for a long time to look at and one day have my kids look at. I know I love looking at pictures of my mom from when she was growing up so much and these memories I want to keep forever.

Have a fantastic Saturday everyone!


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  1. That frame is sooo cute! Gah, seeing your little polaroid makes me think of the i-Zone sticky polaroid'ish camera that we had in high school! So much fun!