Friday, April 12, 2013

High Five 4 Friday!

Woot woot! It's Friday once more and I am excited. This week has just been blah and I am not sure why, I think a lot of it has to do with my family stuff. Anyways Friday means that I have two days off and I am definitely a fan of that!

Linking up once again with Lauren for High Five For Friday!

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1. I got my first box from Julep! I am not a HUGE nail polish person but I have enough friends that are, and you are able to gift the box to anyone you want, so I will probably keep some and gift more. It's only 20 dollars a month and it fits right in to my budget. This first box came with two colors a red and a nude and then some foot scrub. I used the nude polish on my nails and fell in LOVE! It went right on and lasted for about a week which is 6 days more then when my polish normally lasts haha.
2. Last Saturday, I gathered as many of my friends as possible and had them join me for a Braves Baseball game to celebrate my birthday! There was about 12 of us there and it was the first game for most of us for the season. It was a fantastic game and the end was the best part, thank goodness we stayed for it.
3. On Wednesday it was Shine A Light on Slavery day, and I wore my End It jacket and my button to raise awareness about the fact that there are 27 millions slaves in the world today, more then any other time in the world. From sex slavery to domestic slavery and factory workers, it is unacceptable that in today's times there should be anyone held against their will. A TON of people put red Xs everywhere and tried to make others aware. Want to know more and see how you can help click here to go to the End It Movement page and sign the pledge to help make others aware!
4. This week on my Weigh In Wednesday I weighed in at 209lbs. Which puts me at a total loss of 7.3 lbs since I started my Get Healthy Journey. I am really excited to see the scale slowly but surely go down.
5. If you have read some of my past posts you have seen that this week I have dealt with some personal family issues. Long story short I am now face timing with my sisters every morning just to check on them and to get to see their lovely faces. So anyways these are my sisters, on the left is Julianne she is the youngest of the Robinson clan coming in at age 14. She is a brilliant young lady and has aspirations of being a doctor and we all know she will. On the right is Jessica, who I have always called JP (Jessica Penny). She is 17 years young and a Senior in high school which is mind boggling to me because it was just yesterday that I was in Kindergarten and bringing her in as my show and tell because I was so excited to have a baby sister. The only sib missing from this is my older brother Jason who is married to the best SIL in the world, Brooke and they have two beautiful children Elizabeth Grace (almost 5) and James David (2 in a few weeks) and she is carrying their third, a boy expected in August. My brother flies Apache helicopters for the Army and they are stationed in Germany right now. (totally jealous!) We are all going to be together for Jessi's high school graduation at the end of May and I cannot wait it must have been 3-4 years since all 4 of us have been together.
Here's a pic of my brother and his family, are they not just the cutest!
This weekend holds no major plans for me and I am A-OK with that.


  1. I love Julep boxes! They're so fun and exciting! I don't get it every month (trying to save some dough for a wedding!), but I do "splurge" occasionally! It's really great polish though, so it's worth it. Happy Friday Jenny!

  2. The Julep box looks great! Congrats on your weight loss!