Monday, April 22, 2013

Quiet Weekend and Some Weekly Goals

It's funny to me that I base what I did over the weekend on the amount of pictures I have on my phone. I love taking pictures on my phone even though I run out of space quite often. But this weekend there were not that many, which is ok.

Friday night I went to dinner with Kasey and her roommate Hannah and all of Kasey's family. I love this group of people so much, they are hilarious and I always have a good time when I am around them. We ate a Mexican restaurant (and I must say I did ok, I got fajitas but didn't eat the tortillas and only had a little rice and no beans). I got their before Hannah and Kasey and so when they walked in they handed me an Urban Outfitters bag, which I knew meant that my birthday present was inside. I think I mentioned it on my birthday, how they bought me the camera I have wanted for about a year but they were waiting for it to come in the mail. Well it finally did and I just about peed I was so excited I was attempting to rip it open as the lady was trying to seat us. Once we got seated I proceeded to rip it open and put it together so that I could use it. It's a Fuji film Instax Mini - White Polaroid Camera. Who doesn't love a good Polaroid camera!?! I got the first picture taken of me and the girls and then another picture taken of me holding the Mexican birthday dessert that they had them give to me since I got my present! On the way home from the place I decided that I wanted to make something cute to display all the pictures so I gathered my supplies and made this beauty. You can read all about it here.

Saturday was a wash, I had many a plans to do all sorts of things like organizing and what not but I ended up spending a majority of the day in bed and then on the couch. I did however finally get to the store and made Quesadillas and Sweet and Sour Shrimp to help me eat a little better this week. I cooked everything and cleaned the whole kitchen in an hour and then found myself back on the couch. Kasey texted me and asked me if I wanted to do dinner with them at my favorite restaurant in Atlanta so of course I said yes and traveled on down to eat the best tacos and fried pickles ever (it could have been way worse!). After that I went back home and got ready for bed. My roommate was out of town this weekend leading worship somewhere beautiful and so it was just me and this guy but I love him to death.

Sunday my plan was to go to church and then do lunch with a friend and then pretty much do nothing the rest of the day. My friend canceled on me though so I spent the whole day at church, which I loved! I had a great time like always and the message was on loving others and unity in the body and it was something I needed to hear. Since there are only 10 pictures in a roll on my Polaroid I went to the mall with a few friends to go get some more from Urban Outfitters. We also got smoothies and somehow happened to score some free pretzels.

We ended up at the same restaurant for dinner as the night before but like I said, it's my favorite and I am the one who suggested it because I love it so much!

Now here are some goals that I need to make for this week to help keep me on track. I think if I can succeed this week I will get a prize, we shall see.

Operation Skinny Jeans

Goal #1 - Drink More Water - I got a new bottle last week and have been doing pretty good, so I just need to keep it up.

Goal #2 - Pick fruit instead of snack packs for a quick snack - this is hard as I am usually on the go with the kids and it's so much easier to get a bag of Cheetos then a bowl of fruit, so I just need to prepare ahead of time.

Goal #3 - Walk 3-5 miles a day - I am so good at this but sometimes I do 2 miles and decide that's enough but it's not for me I need to get some more in.

It's already past the middle of my day here at work and for some reason I am exhausted, probably headed to bed early tonight after getting in some more miles and a quick gym session.



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