Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Odds Were in My Favor!!!!

Yesterday my sister posted a picture of us for my birthday and wrote, "may the odds be ever in your favor." I Love that girl, and continued to receive that love all day long! I woke up early like I always do because I had to be at work. Most people would probably be like man I don't want to work on my birthday, but when you have the best job in the world getting to go to work on your birthday is like a bonus, especially when the next two days are off!!

My celebration started the night before my birthday when my friend Kirsten took me out to dinner because she was unable to be with me on my actual birthday. We went to eat mexican and then went to get froyo. We both really like the tart which is amazing because I am pretty sure we are the only ones haha. We talked and talked and talked about everything since it had been a week or so since we had been able to catch up. We are both similar in talking a whole lot but then just sitting and listening while the other goes on. All the while making smart remarks about the super tall guy who had to duck to get into the yogurt shop. We went back to my house, grabbed some blankets and watched He's Just Not That Into You. I fell asleep like I always do but it was a nice and quiet evening.

 Then yesterday morning I got up and went to go to the bathroom and opened my door to pink streamers hanging from my door and my hallway archway. I seriously just clapped and giggled to myself. I love my roommate dearly and she use to not be the most affectionate person and she will tell you herself, but after being friends and living together for a while I have seen her change and it's been amazing. Just this little ounce of surprise (and it was definitely a surprise!) made my morning I really could have gone the rest of the day thrilled with nothing else.

 I got dressed and noticed some more decorations in the kitchen bar are and two presents, one from her and one from her mom. I opened the presents to reveal a lot of bath and body works stuff! My favorite ever! I love that store and end up there more then I should a lot of times so it was perfect! Last year the kids and I tie-dyes shirts and wore them on my birthday and we decided to do it again. So I got the shirts out of the dryer and the kids came out great, what I didn't realize is that the shirt I chose to tie dye was polyester and it did not hold any dye. Needless to say it was awful so I just grabbed my shirt from last year and headed out the door. The first picture is of us at the zoo last year and then second is from this year :)

The drive to work was stunning, it usually always is but there was for sure more pink this time then it has been and I know it was just for me.

I got to the house and the kids were thrilled that it was my birthday and were so excited that we were going bowling! We went to the bowling alley where they told us it was going to be about an hour and a half wait because it was Spring Break. No later then the man telling us that some lanes became opened and we started bowling right away.
 We had a blast and seemed to be a big hit in our tie-dye shirts.

After some arcade games and lunch we headed back to the house for the much anticipated cookie cake. We went around to 3 different stores the day before to find the cookie cake and finally found a blank one that didn't look too Easter-y and the kids decorated it. They set up the cake and put the 23 on it and turned off all the lights and sang at the top of their lungs. It was adorable and I loved every moment.

After the sugar rush that we all indulged in we just hung around the house and did puzzle after puzzle. First we compelted a puzzle that we had been working on for a while now which was really exciting. Then we each got individual puzzles and worked on them until it was time for me to get my presents and head out on my 4 day weekend!

Once I got home, I immediately showered and changed and got ready to go to dinner with a few friends, since I am having a big birthday bash on Saturday it was a small group, just the way I wanted it! We went to Hai Hai which is a Hibachi place and I loved it! So yummy. I think our chef was new though because we didn't really get a show, just him cooking us food, but the people we had there we were a show in and of ourselves. I got a few cards from my friends Hannah and Kasey letting me know they were getting me the camera I have wanted for FOREVER! I am really excited and cannot wait for it to come in and get to use it. Their cards were rather amazing as well. My new friend Emily who I had never met in person but stalked on Instragram gave me a whole box of Burts Bees and I was elated, I always seem to lose my chapstick and always end up needing one.

After we ate our food, and I definitely ate it all! They brought out a drum and a bowl with one scoop of ice cream with a candle. They made me get up and dance and while I don't like all the attention being on me I just decided to go with it and got up and let loose, it for sure caused a good laugh and I had a great time while everyone sang to me. Please mind the blurry photos, my moves were just almost too good to capture on camera.

After dinner we headed next door to a yogurt shop and then took a picture of everyone who helped celebrate me on my birthday. It was a fantastic birthday and I wouldn't change it for the world!


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