Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Let the Games Begin

Today is my 23rd Birthday, AHHHH!!!

I know it doesn't seem like much and it's really not in the grand scheme of things but it's crazy to think that 5 years ago I was turning 18 and getting ready to move to college. Here I sit now with a college degree in hand (not that I am using it haha) living completely self sufficient and loving every moment of every day!

Birthdays are a big deal in my family, my mom and dad always went to extra lengths to make sure we felt celebrated. Streamers were always up, presents out, and birthday breakfast was always made. Those moments are definitely the ones I miss the most not living at home. I have to say though, my roommate Lindsey did fantastic this year! I woke up to pink (my most favorite color!) hanging from my door and hallway and then there were cute pink stars hanging above the kitchen with two presents for me (which I haven't opened yet) sitting on the counter. It's only 6:37 and today has been amazing so far!

I work today but it's only ok because I love my job and my kids beg me to work on my birthday every year so that they can celebrate me. Last year we made tie dye and went to the zoo, so this year we made tie dye again but we are going to go bowling instead of the zoo. I am very excited as the kids get more excited about it then me and that makes me even more excited.

Today I choose not to weigh in or count my calories or points as a birthday gift to myself. I will be back next week, with a loss I am bound and determined to get!

I'm Still Linking Up with Erin @ She's A Big Star and Alex @ Skinny Jean Pilgrimage for Weigh In Wednesday :)


I have tomorrow and Friday off and will post all about my day, and as my sister told me this morning
May the Odds be Ever in My Favor!



  1. Happy birthday! I hope you have lots of fun! Esther Norine Designs sorry I'm no reply cuz blogger likes to eat me email address:

  2. Happy Birthday! Nobody should EVER count calories on their bday! :)

  3. Yay!! Happy birthday to you!! And you're right - calories don't count on your birthday :) For mine in January, I had a huge plate of pasta, and tiramisu for dessert. Soo yummy, and sooo worth it :)

  4. Happy Birthday! I'm celebrating mine in a few weeks and I'm giving myself the same gift! Have fun with the kids!

  5. Happy birthday girl... hope you have a fabulous day! That scale will always be there waiting... just enjoy your day and get back to counting your calories tomorrow!

  6. Happy Birthday lady!! I hope your day is amazing!!

    Lacey @ CHARM + Sass

  7. happy bday :-)

  8. Yay!! Happy Birthday to you!! Enjoy your day!