Tuesday, April 9, 2013

First Things First!

I didn't do this link up last week due to Spring Break and my birthday week being absolutely crazy, but I am back on board this week!!! Click over to Halie's adorable blog and her co-hosts Rachel and Tasha and join us.

First Things First
First Pinterest project or recipe you attempted (failure or success!)
First random song that pops up on your iTunes or Pandora
First product you use in the shower
1. First Pinterest Project - Ok so I have been on Pinterest since when you had to be invited to be on it and there were maybe a handful of people. I was lucky enough to have a ton of crafting friends who raved about it and once I got on I got addicted. So I just spent the last 5 minutes scrolling all the way down to find my first pins and see which one I actually attempted. I finally got down to the bottom and found this Pin for a crayon wreath that I was in LOVE with. I figured instead of spending a TON of money that I could simply make this. While living in the Green House my very gracious roommates let me decorate for each month and I knew I needed to this for September when we all went back to school. I got all of the supplies and sat down with my glue gun and made it work and was very pleased. I looked on my facebook and luckily found 1 picture of my finished project on the door. Sorry for the poor quality it was back in the pre-iphone days for me.
2. First random son that pops up on my Pandora - I would normally do my Itunes, but I am at work and not on my computer so I decided to click open my Pandora and see what first song comes up. Well it's I'll Be Home for Christmas by Michael Buble..... hahaha this made me laugh. I love Christmas music and have a station for it on my Pandora but I guess it has been that long since I have logged on, on a computer. On my phone and Ipad my Mumford and Sons station is what's been happening. Not gonna lie I am definitely letting this song play out and maybe the next few ones...that's not bad, right?? (I mean there is only 260 days till Christmas)
3. First Product I use in the shower - I am quick, quick shower taker. I can be in and out of the shower (sans shaving my legs) in one song on my Ipad, it's a wonder I have an entire play list labeled shower. Anyways as soon as I get in and get my hair wet I use shampoo, what kind of shampoo you ask? It depends on my mood and what I have and how I am doing my hair. Currently there are three different shampoos in my shower and two sitting on my counter. I get tired of them about halfway through and end up purchasing more (especially when I have the money and a coupon). I have Dove (when I plan on blow drying and straightening it), Herbal Essence (orange kind for smoothness and purple for my naturally wavy hair), and an all natural kind from Whole Foods (when I think my hair just needs a break and needs to repair). Then I use a random conditioner as well, right now I have two big things of Tresseme because I got them buy one get one. As my conditioner conditions my hair I use a loofah and my new bath and body works body wash called beautiful day. Then I rinse everything and am done. I use proactive every now and again but don't have major issues with my face.
Tomorrow is Weigh-In Wednesday and I am really excited because even with my gain two weeks ago and not weighing in last week because of my birthday I have been really on track and am hoping I have lost, I mean it is Tear-It Up Tuesday and I just completed 47 minutes on the elliptical, that should count for something right?


  1. That's so funny it was Christmas music :) And that crayon wreath is pretty cute! Also, dang girl, that's a lot of shampoo! I couldn't handle having so many different products all over the place. I need much more organization in my shower! Looking forward to tomorrow's post, and I'm gonna try to tear it up tonight at zumba!

  2. I have that same crayon wreath pinned! It looks really good. I'm also a quick shower. I always play music & I don't know why because I'm out in a song or 2.