Monday, April 29, 2013

Go Green!!!

I love love love this idea and had so much fun getting to know two other bloggers. I am definitely a blogger stalker at times and when I find a blog I like or just a new blog I spend a lot of time just reading through all of the posts before I have to move on to something else. I got to know Cate over at Random Crafty Georgia Girl and sent her a box, I had so much fun buying stuff for her, you can read about it over here.

My first ever Cara Box came from Krystal over at My Life of Travels and Adventures and I just about squealed when I opened my mail box and got it! Thank you so much for all of my goodies, I think I told everyone I knew when my box came in. I sent mine very early on just so that I wouldn't forget and am so excited to receive my own box! Who doesn't just love getting mail, I know I do! This month's theme was Go Green and my box was full of green items and I love every single one of them!

Cara Box

She sent me this cute note and shared everything that was in the box.

I opened the box and this is what I saw!

She game me the cutest recipe cards and filled out 4 or 5 of them with different recipes and included all of the health stuff on them and I loved that because I am counting points and calories and everything it was so nice.


I got an adorable pail that I can grow basil in, which is so cool because I love thinking that I have a green thumb and this can help me believe it for the time being. I just need to look up some good recipes that use basil and I will be all set. Another thing, there was this pellet in it and it said to soak it 2/3 cup of water and no lie it was like a pancake when I put it in and then in 5 minutes it soaked up ALL the water and made enough soil for the pail, I so wish I would have video taped it!

Then I got two eye shadows which I love! One is green and one turquoise. I usually only wear natural make up just because that's all I ever buy myself, but I love these two colors. I am actually wearing the green today and because my eyes are green I feel like they really pop out, which is great!

Let's see next was this great green water bottle, since I hike and walk so much this will be perfect, and you can never have too many water bottles in my opinion.

Then I saw these head bands and was soooo grateful. If you haven't noticed in a lot of pictures of me when I am not out with friends I wear these head bands all the time. I probably go through a pack every other month just because I lose them or they lose their elasticity or the dog decides he likes to have them more then me. Any ways I love love love these headbands and wear them just about every day. I even wore one this past week!

Finally I got these FANTASTIC candles from Yankee Candle, I am sure I mentioned in my email to her that I love candles, because I do. You can ask my roommate or any one who comes over to my house, there is usually always a candle burning just because I love the way that they smell up an entire room. Well these candles are no different, I have not burned them yet but plan on doing so this weekend.

For my first Cara Box experience, I am hooked! I loved being able to get to know two different bloggers and sending away one box and getting one in return.
I am so stoked for the May Cara Box, and you should go and sign up and do it too!!!


  1. Great box! Thanks again for everything you sent me!

  2. Glad you like everything. I was so nervous.

  3. I love fresh basil in my kitchen!

    Jennifer @