Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday - Week 6

You know the saying, it's been one of those weeks. Well for me it's been one of those months. As I went out to dinner with some girlfriends last night (who all happened to be sisters, 4 of them, I loved every minute of it!) we were discussing the month of April, yes I know we have another week left but still. My month was crazy, so crazy. Starting with my birthday and continuing with more family issues and crisis and crisis in my own life on the direction God is taking it has been crazy. I am amazed I have not had a mental breakdown and just completely fallen apart - I am sure I had a mini one, one night but it was short lived and I was ok. So anyways I did not weigh in today, I know that if I did, it would have been really really bad and I did not want to disappoint myself again. May is going to be a busy month, I have two vacations planned, and it's the end of the school year for the kiddos and the start of summer activities. I choose today to start a new. I am going to start counting my points again, exercising regularly, taking in water, and making better choices, because I care about myself. I can't allow my body to keep taking the hit for things when they go terribly wrong, I need to learn to manage my feelings. Here is to a new start, hopefully this is the last one of these kinds of posts for a while....or ever. I am writing out note cards to put in my bathroom and making sure I have my friends hold me accountable, I know I cannot do this by myself.

I do have a non-scale victory for this week however!!! I have up'd my water intake tremendously this week. I got this new water bottle...and seem to have no picture of it right now. But its a Camelbak and it holds 24 oz of water, my goal each day is to drink 3 full bottles putting me right at 72 oz of water. I have done it mostly for the past week and have felt really good, my soda intake is wayyyy down and I love that. I know it won't be soon before caffeine headaches dissapear all together and I won't need it anymore.

My diet bet ends in like 3 days and there is no way that I am going to reach my goal, so I am losing the $25, oh well that's on me. I think I am going to try to get in on another one starting in May and hopefully will succeed at that one.

For now I am sitting in my bed, as my boss told me I didn't have to come in until I needed to pick W up from school which is 1pm, so I think I might go do the next run on my ease into 5K, eat lunch and then head over that direction to complete my day. I am still going to attend a weight watchers meeting even though I probably gained again for the 2nd week, but I know I need to be there.



  1. aw hun, when life get's tough, I find that healthy eating etc. is the LAST thing I do! Don't be hard on yourself, it's OK to not step on the scale when you're not ready for are recommitting today and not giving up, and that's what counts!!

  2. Oh Jenny - this stinks. But you obviously know how to handle your stress and are working on fixing things, the right way! I can't wait until you get back on the right track, and start being able to report losses each week. Because I just KNOW that will happen for you!! And great job with more water and less soda! I used to have one of those same water bottles, and I was obsessed with it! (Sadly, it broke.)

  3. I would have to agree that the month of April has been a challenging one. I find myself having a hard time dropping the pounds. Excellent job on the water though!!!! I was addicted to Mt. Dew for years and then decided to give it all up one day. My mistake was not slowly getting rid of it, and the headaches were horrible. Now I am so addicted to water that if I don't drink it like a fish during the day, I don't feel well.

  4. April has been a challenge for me too...bring it on, May! :)

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