Monday, April 29, 2013

The Tale of the Creepy Cabbage Patch

Well I had this whole post typed up and ready to post when something happened and my computer spazzed. I know I pressed saved but I think in the madness it forgot, oh well. This probably won't be as good as the first as I don't really want to type everything again but I'll give it my best shot.

Whew my weekend has been pretty fun!

Friday night was uneventful, I went to Trader Joes to get more Fiji Water, it's the cheapest there so I got to stock up. Then I walked the dog and got gas for super cheap due to an input error. Filled up my tank for 35 dollars instead of the normal 50!! Woot woot. (note the price per gallon, someone put it in wrong on all stations)

Saturday morning I ran my April 5K (44:03) and while it was not my best time it was better then March (46:18). I am ready to kick Mays 5K in the rear and run my best time in 2013.

Saturday during the day my friend Ivy joined me for a random road trip to Helen, Ga. I have heard a ton about it because it's a German village in a sense, and since I lived in Germany for 5 years as an army brat I needed to see how it compared. It was super cute definitely resembled Germany and we had a great time.

After lunch we decided to head back and stopped at the Cabbage Patch Babyland General Hospital where the cabbage mother delivers cabbage patch babies often....yeah it is that creepy. We got to take pictures in front of the sign with the help of two random girls in a car in front of us who were also in their 20s. Then we went in the beautiful building and sat in the cabbage chair, viewed the nursery, daycare, and then the main room where mother cabbage is. We got to witness the birth of a baby boy who was named Tony John (I picked his middle name) or TJ for short. He was weighed and had a check up and then we got to hold him. Definitely an experience I will never ever forget.

(Props to Ivy, who was such a sport because all I ever did was take pictures and say "I am going to use this on my blog!!")

Saturday night I went to an event called You Come We Go which was a house show to raise money for some of our friends to go on missions trips to Uganda this summer. My roommate was asked to play and so I went to support all parties. The picture below is of my friends Christina, Kasey, Lindsey (my roomie), and Myself (the only crazy in shorts, it's super cold here still but I get hot easily)

Sunday was a simple day of church and we got to celebrate another birthday with our friend Charlie. We had a good time and ate Yeah! Burger for dinner which sells all natural products only, it was good, their fried pickles were not and that's always a bummer but that is ok. I had the chicken sandwich and it was very good!

Me and Charlie and Andrew...and some creepers in the back.

Operation Skinny Jeans

I also need to take a look back at my weekly goals I set last Monday, let's see shall we.

1. Drink More Water - 100% success my water intake has gone from about 10oz a day to 100oz a day, I don't know the total amount each day but I have every little bit written down and am going to write about it on my weigh in wednesday post.

2. Pick fruit instead of snack packs - I did this but not as much as I could have, there were still some snack packs in there but I think it was better, I would give myself a 50% on this one.

3. Walk 3-5 miles a day - eehh I did this maybe like 4 out of the 7 days so I guess not too bad, I still want to walk 3-5 miles so maybe I will set it as a new goal.

So here are my new goals for this week!

1. No french fries - I need to go on a french fry fast, they are my weakness and I think going a week without them will not harm me.

2. Track every single thing that goes in my mouth - I am usually good at this but skip a few things every now and then and if I want to lose the weight I know that I need to do this always.

3. Walk 3-5 miles a day - I really want to be able to complete this one with 100% next week.

I have done a lot better this weekend then I have been and I am still drinking all that water and am exercising regularly, I will go into detail on my Weigh In Wednesday post because I WILL be weighing in this week no matter what.



  1. I ran my first 5k of the year this weekend too. Congrats. Looks like you had a good weekend.

  2. When I read "french fry fast" I am right there with you. My husband bought an extra large fry from mcdonalds today and I stared longingly at them. It's hard but I just did it. It is COMPLETELY do able. Sadly though lol.