Monday, April 15, 2013

That's a Wrap!

This weekend has been very normal which has been a change from my super super busy weekends the past month.

Friday night I went to Trader Joe's after work and picked up the rest of the ingredients to make Gluten Free Banana Bread, I found the recipe here, on Pinterest, obviously! It was truly delicious and Lindsey and I actually liked it. I was a little suspicious being the whole gluten free but it surprised me. Why gluten free you ask? Well I have a friend, her name is Kirsten and she has a gluten allergy, and I am always up for trying new recipes so I figured if I made this bread she could partake in it as well. We will be making gluten free sesame chicken the next time we hang out since she said that's the thing she misses the most since finding out about her allergy.

After Trader Joe's I went to Kohls and found a new pair of much needed tennis shoes and a new tank top and workout shorts. It took me a while to figure out where I wanted to get new tennis shoes but Kohls was close to Trader Joe's and I knew I could get some Kohl's cash because I would probably spend more then $50. I probably wondered around the shoe section for about 15 minutes looking at the different shoes, trying to figure out which pair would work for me. My last pair, I have had since I was in high school...yeah I know ridiculous. They were a mess and falling apart. I finally settled on a Nike running pair that also has really good tread that would be good for when I hiked as well. These are my new shoes, I could feel instantly how much better my running was in these shoes. I never really knew they could make that much of a difference.


Saturday was a rather quiet day with only a few things planned. I did decide however to start watching all of the Disney movies in chronological order, this should be fun, you can read about it here. I met my roommate Lindsey for lunch at Cheesecake Factory at a mall near by because I have not been there in forever and I really wanted their Asian Lettuce Chicken Tacos from their skinnylicious menu. They are less then 500 calories and so when I was counting calories I loved these so much. They were as good as ever and they are super cheap I think my total bill was 7 dollars. Not too shabby.
Then we walked around the mall and went to Forever 21 and H&M, I ended up with two shirts from H&M that were only 7 dollars each. They were a size large which I can normally fit into if they are loose so I decided not to try them on and figured if they didn't fit I could wear them in a few months. (They do fit and you will see pictures from Sunday of me in one of them.) We also stopped by payless and I found my shoes for the wedding I am going to be in, in December. She told us we just needed nude shoes and since I am not a heel wearer at all I was just looking for a pair of flats. I found some there for only 16 dollars and grabbed them up. They will remain in my closet until the wedding to ensure nothing happens to them.
The rest of the afternoon was rather chill and consisted of the banana bread making as well as TV shows and lounging on the couch with my roommate. I made homemade pizza and baked fried pickles (not a fan at all) until my friend Kirsten came over to hang out. We stayed up and attempted to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3 but started it at 12 and by the time 2 rolled around we were asleep on the couch and decided to call it a night.
Sunday rolled around and it was time for church! The little boy I usually work with Sunday morning was not there as his family had just arrived back from their spring break trip and needed to rest. I still went in early because it was my friend Hannah's birthday and I wanted to make sure that I was able to get her some coffee. Hannah was one of my first friends here in Atlanta and we have had our ups and downs but I love her dearly and am so blessed to have her in my life.

The day was a lot of fun and we did a bunch of random stuff. At church our kids are learning about the Hero's of the Bible and so there were costumes spread out and a photo booth ready to take pictures. I took the liberty of taking some on my phone.

We went to lunch at a place called The Grind House which serves great burgers and amazing fried pickles (we can just say now that yesterday's food choices were not so good...oh well). We were all sitting and having a good time, when we started talking about our friend Matt and his hair which is amazing, we decided that he had hair like Patrick Dempsy and then someone mentioned that he looked like Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, needless to say 3 minutes later this picture emerged and everyone laughed for about 10 minutes.
Then we just went to Hannah's house to play with her puppy Moxie and made a brief trip to Krispy Kreme before heading back to attend the 5pm gathering. It was a great message and it spoke about passion and purpose which is what a lot of us needed to hear. My friend Ivy and I discovered that we both wore out purple pants that day so obviously we needed to take a picture, it took us 5 minutes on Instagram though to find a filter where you could actually see her face haha.
The night ended with dinner at El Taco which is in Virginia Highlands, a really adorable part of Atlanta. We all gathered and sat around and had a good time eating and eating and wishing Hannah a happy birthday.
Then we all gathered and found a "rando" guy to take our picture. I love these people so much, I am so blessed to have them in my life.
Another great weekend in this nanny's life!
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