Saturday, April 13, 2013

Where Dreams Come True!

I should let you know that as a child I grew up knowing and loving Disney. That's probably even an understatement. I can say in my lifetime that I have probably owned 5 annual passes (mainly because we lived in Florida). I have also been to Walt Disney World (Florida), Walt Disney Land (California), and The Walt Disney World at Paris. I have two more to hit before my life time and I am sure that I will make it there eventually! Everything in my family revolved around Disney, outfits, movies, Christmas presents, reunions and the like. While most kids received money in their stockings for Christmas we got Disney dollars for our upcoming trip to most magical place on Earth. (and there was always an upcoming trip) Even to this day I am a HUGE Disney lover and would choose to spend my vacation there over other places probably 9 times out of 10. So while surfing through blogs this morning because Saturday is the ONLY day that I have to do nothing but bum it and slum it I found this article mentioned and decided to look at it. It's titled 22 Things You Could Be Doing With Your Life Besides Getting Married, and since no one has knocked on this door yet I figured it would be a funny read. As I was reading some made me laugh, and some would never pertain to me. But then I got to number 15, and I thought this is BRILLIANT! I need to do this. Number 15 states: Watch Every Disney Movie in Chronological Order.

Amazing. Simply Amazing.

I own a VHS/DVD combo that my dad purchased for me when I moved into the Green House my junior year of college. I thank him very much for that purchase because it is probably one of my most favorite things in my room. I have quite an array of VHS tapes as well. It helps that Goodwill has a plethora and they are about 1-2 dollars and sometimes 50 cents on sale days! Then there is the trusty old Amazon that I can usually get the movie with shipping for 3 dollars, 7 movies for $20 or 1 DVD, I'll take my VHS tapes any day.

To find all of the Disney movies I simply looked it up in google and this website popped up. They have ever single Disney movie ever made and about to be made listed. Now I am going to do as many movies as possible but some of them I probably can't find or they will be really expensive exclusive movies, and I'll just choose to skip those, but I will mention them just to make sure I cover all my bases.

Stay tuned for my journey through the Disney movies, should be interesting I am sure. It's always different to watch child hood movies as an adult because you pick up on so many things you never did as a child. I already own Snow White, the first Disney movie but I just spend about 25 dollars and got the next 7, can't wait to get them in the mail!

Hope you have a fantastic Saturday, Milo and I are just hanging out until I go meet Lindsey for lunch and an Ikea trip! Speaking of Lindsey she is an amazing singer and if you get the chance click here and listen to her cover of Ho Hey by the Lumineers, I am sure you will be amazed.


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