Saturday, June 8, 2013

Zoo Animals!

So obviously I'm a nanny (hence the blog name...) It basically means that I work during the school year but when the summer rolls around I tend to turn into a magician. Making time fly without even realizing it was there to begin with. When you have three school aged kids home all day every day you have to be prepared or you can end up with boredom and crankiness super fast.

Last summer was my first summer with my kiddos, we managed for sure but sometimes I am unsure how we did. Come this past February I concocted a thought in my brain that would help make this summer be amazing and go by fast! I decided that each week we would have a theme and do just about everything based on that theme. The kids were pretty excited about it when I mentioned it so off I went to pinterest land for inspiration.

Welcome to my Summer Nanny Series!

This first week our theme is Zoo Animals! We sure do love the zoo. We have annual passes and end up there quite often. The kids are also in VBS for the mornings so our time is limited to do things but that's ok.

I found this pin while looking one time and loved the idea of doing something different every day. I have adjusted it to work for us since Friday is usually fun Friday for us so we take a trip that day.

Anyways Monday was Make Something Monday and so I decided to introduce the kids to Monkey Bread. If you remember I made it for my roommates birthday at the beginning of the month. I swear this stuff is like crack ( or I can only imagine, I haven't done drugs... ) but every time I make it, it hardly lasts more then 24 hours and people go crazy for it, kinda like monkeys, maybe that's why they call it that. Anyways it fit perfectly into our theme and so off I went to get all the supplies and make it with the kids. You can find the recipe here, we don't use walnuts or raisins though...picky kids.

My kids love anything that has to do with baking and cooking and so I attempt to let them be as involved as possible.

We had such a fun time making it and then when the smell filled up the house it was Ah-Mazing! After I took it out and burned my arm in two places from the oozing caramel sauce, I let it sit for like 10 minutes and then it was ready to eat. And boy did we eat! If I would have allowed it we would have had the entire thing that one afternoon, but this nanny knows better! So after having just one serving I made them all go brush their teeth haha.

Of course monkey faces had to be included with the monkey bread! They crack me up so much :)


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