Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In the Mountains

My weekend started on Friday after work, I just went home and ended up hanging out with my roommate which was nice since we do not get to see each other often. We had a low key night after going out to dinner and then heading back home before I fell asleep on the couch and went to bed. Saturday I got up and laid around and decided that I was going to head up to see my friends who are staying in the mountains starting then instead of Sunday after church.

They were heading up from Florida and weren't getting there till the afternoon so that gave me time to just pack. My roommate and I decided to go hike Kennesaw Mountain with the dog and it was a nice long hike that we all enjoyed and we got a really good workout in as well.

After a run to WalMart and some quick packing I headed up to McCaysville to the cabin to stay with my 2nd family.

**Background Story - I moved to Deltona, Florida between my Junior and Senior year of high school. Crazy? One would think. But to a straight A student with no state scholarships on hand it was the best decision for me. I never regret it for a moment. Well anyways we moved and found a church where I met the Hehre family, who at the time had only lived in Florida a year moving down from New Jersey and living with Ms. Laura's parents. The family consisted of Mr. Bob, Mrs. Laura, Patrick, Robert, and Rachel. I became close with the entire family, grandparents included and spent many a nigh and day over at their house. Tears were shed, laughs were had, and memories were created my senior year because of this family and I continue to come back every summer and spend so much time with them. When I would have trouble at home because of arguments or just feeling down I would go over there and they were always around to give me spiritual council and push me further towards my walk. Last summer they decided to vacation in the North Georgia mountains which meant they were only going to be an hour and a half away from me! So I went and did a Friday night to Saturday night with them and had sooo much fun. In January unexpectedly Mr. Bob passed away it was a shock to all, but he was a Christian and we know that now he is with Jesus. It was really hard as I was not able to be down in Florida due to different circumstances. Later I found out they would be coming up again this summer to spend a week in a cabin. I took off yesterday (Monday) and decided that I would spend a couple days with them this time!!....***

I got up there on Saturday night and just oohed and ahhed at the cabin we were staying at.

Yes believe your eyes! It was THAT amazing and even more! I got the tour around the place and gave everyone a big hug and just hung out. We can go months and even a year without seeing each other and the next time we hang out it is seriously like we have never been apart and that's family for you! After making a grocery list we made a run to Walmart to get the necessities for a couple of days. Then we came back and watched Pitch Perfect before heading to bed.

The next morning I got up bright and early as I always do and deicded to do my devotion down on the picnic table next to the river running behind the cabin. It was breathtaking. I took it all in and slowly different people got up and started their devotionals and just moving about the area. Ms. Laura eventually came down and we got to catch up and talk for a good hour and a half. I use to talk to Mrs. Laura and Mr. Bob for hours and they always gave me such great wisdom, it was different to just be there without Mr. Bob but I was still so blessed by the conversation with Mrs. Laura.

Later that day Robert, Ms Laura and I went into Blue Ridge for a little bit so Robert could get more stuff for his fly fishing poles. I loved the little town and at that moment we decided we would go spend the day there on Monday.

Funny sign we saw in Blue Ridge.

After we got back to the cabin the rest of the group got ready to go to Mercier's Orchard to get some Jams and Pies for tonight. I decided to stay back with Robert and go fishing. Rob and Pat are the two that taught me how to fish and I love the quiet and peace it is. I really wanted to catch a fish. We walked about 1/4 mile down the river on the bank and then got in (uhm can we say cold....) and got to a place where we started fishing. I was out there for about an hour when I decided to go back. I made it to the bank and through the woods back to the cabin for myself. I felt like such a mountain woman. The one good thing about the slips and falls under the water that I made was that my hair ended up looking fantastic!!

That night we made a shrimp broil and grilled veggies on the grill. Yummy! After we ate we had pie and then laid in the living room and just talked until we all went to bed around 10:30.

The next morning we got up and I made French Toast for everyone, even though no cinnamon or vanilla....so we called them American Toast. Then we all got ready and went into town. In Blue Ridge there are a ton of little shops everywhere with all sorts of things and so we took our time walking in and out of many shops. Patrick and I talk about owning a cabin one day so we spent a ton of time looking at furniture and d├ęcor and planning our future cabin. I still have faith it will happen one day! After that we headed back to the orchard because I wanted to get another pie to take home but we got there later in the day and by then they were pretty much wiped out so I got about 6 mini pies to take back, still so good!

Back at the cabin the girls Rachel and Michelle (Michelle went to the cabin last year with them, she is one of my college roomie's sister and we are both just pretty much adopted into the Hehres) and I got our tubes and decided to walk up the river and ride down. We went past a few rapids and decided to get in, the first set of rapids were a little cray cray and I have a few bruises and a few choice words were said but it was a lot of fun. Then as we got close to the cabin there was a loud cracking thunder so we got out and dried off. The boys made Hamburgers for dinner and I heated up more grilled veggies and some chips for a good dinner. We all sat in camping chairs out on the porch while it drizzled.

After dinner I ushered everyone in the cabin to take pictures with me because I had to leave. We took many a picture and then I said good bye to everyone and got in my car to head back to reality. It only took me an hour and half to get home. It was a fantastic weekend and I had sooo much fun! I can be 100% myself around these people and they love me for who I am, everyone needs some of those in their life. They are the best!


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