Friday, June 21, 2013

The Monster Me!

This week is short week for me, I had Monday off for my cabin adventure, and then I had Friday off for a camping trip that got canceled so now it's just a personal day.

I decided that the kids and I should still have a theme and since Monster's University is coming out this weekend I decided the theme would be Monsters. The kids mom is going to take them to see this movie, and I plan on going and seeing it by myself or with a few willing friends!

Anyways, with the Monsters theme I looked up plenty of crafts on Pinterest.(Funny thing, every week with each new theme my pinterest board blows up with me pinning activities that go with that, it cracks me up, you can follow me here) Well I found a lot of stuff I liked but then something came to my mind and I decided it would be the best craft ever!

I call it Monster Me!

Do you remember when you were a kid and you went outside with chalk and you traced yourself and then spent the entire afternoon coloring it in? No? Well I did. Every single day I was allowed to play with chalk and it was my favorite thing ever.

So off to JoAnns we went to get the supplies, which wasn't much since we had a lot at home.

Supplies Needed:
*Large Roll of White Paper (You are fitting entire children on them)
*Squiggly Eyes
*Other Odds and Ends (Tissue Paper, Feathers, Stickers, etc.)
*Imaginative Children
*Veggie Tale Pandora Radio Station
Ok, the last two are optional, but it makes the project way more fun!
First things first, lay that white paper roll out and have a child lay their whole body on the paper.

Then taking the pencil trace around the child's entire body. It doesn't have to be perfect and I included dresses and Einstein hair (as I call it).

After everyone has been traced cut out each piece of paper with the body on it. (You are not actually cutting the shape of the body quite yet!)
Find some open place on a floor somewhere and tape down the corners and any unruly sides that attempt to thwart your plan.
After the papers are taped down give the kids, pencils, crayons, or markers (or all 3!) and have them decorate their body if they were a Monster!

At this point there are so many giggles and "Hey look at what I'm doing" going on that it's a lot of fun. I gave my kids free range and told them that they could take their time and make their Monster Me however they wanted to.
After the kids have colored everything give them squiggly eyes and all the other odds and ends and some glue and let them accessories their Monster Me.

After everything has sat and dried have the kids cut out their Monster Me and display them anywhere in the house for all to see!

Then I had the kids lay next their Monster Me and take a picture, they came out sooo good.

I introduce to you Mr. Scare Bear, Charlotte, and Dob from top to bottom!

I have created this Pin so you can add to your board and share with others!

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  1. That is a great idea and I'm sure the kids loved it!