Saturday, June 8, 2013

Zoo Animal Crafts and Other Fun!

Along with our Zoo animal theme, I had some crafts up my sleeve to go along.  This always makes my kids happy and me as well, I mean who doesn't love a cute craft made with hand prints to display in the kitchen windows!

We ended up only having time for two animals this week even though I had like 5 planned. VBS really took a lot of time out of us and then we found ourselves at a park everyday after so we weren't getting home till later. I am not complaining at all.

The first craft we did was a spiral snake. You can find the pin with the link to the craft here. The kids loved it because they got to make it as unique as they wanted to. I let them do just about everything but draw the original spiral on. They used crayons and went to town. After wards they cut them up and we hung them up in the window.

The next animal we did was a chicken. We used paper plates for the heads and made it exactly how the people did here. Except we decided to make them crazy chickens and added a few feathers on each side. Kids seem to go crazy over things like feathers and sequins so I bring them out few and far in between and ration them so there is not a HUGE mess to clean up. I just love my crazy chickens!

We put them up in the window as well and I cut out letters to spell ZOO and placed them on there. This is the place we usually show off the work we have done and so this will be changing every week this summer.

Wednesday was Wet and Wild according to the list that I found on Pinterest but I really didn't have anything that I could think of and the kids just wanted to swim and so I was A-ok with that! They swam for about an hour until a fight ensued and I pulled them out. Usually that's the major sign for me that we are done.

Thursday was thinking Thursday but it looked like it was going to rain and for some reason I was really really exhausted so while on a trip to Target for the much needed Chicken Nuggets we passed by the movie section and saw the movie Zookeeper and the kids just about flipped. We got the movie and headed back to the house to have a quiet movie afternoon. We made S'mores over the gas stove and I popped popcorn as the kids went and grabbed blankets and pillows and stuffed animals to make themselves comfortable. We watched the movie and the kids liked it, I thought it was more of an adult movie but it wasn't too crude so that's good.


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