Friday, June 14, 2013

High 5 For Friday

It has been a while since I have done this link up but I am on a roll this week with getting posts out so here it comes!

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1. We started our week 2 of summer with the theme Plants and Flowers. The first thing we made were these super cute flower leis that the kids loved. We ended up wearing them for the majority of the week, and now they are on display. You can find my post on them here.

2. Wednesday was A (the oldest) 9th birthday! She is getting so big and old. Well anyways I pulled into my parking spot and these two ran to my car to show me the new softball tool she got which is a ball on a long pole to help with her hitting. Those goobers had already been outside practicing and I get there at 8. Crazy Kids.

3. Tuesday night my roomie helps lead worship at a church and so I hang out with this kiddo and usually try to go walking for the both of us. He just love getting in the car and it just cracks me up because he looks hilarious. We had a great time for sure.

4. Yesterday we had a good bit of down time because we had a swim meet at night. So while the kids were resting up and getting ready we did some crafts. This involved hand prints and feet prints and pictures, it came out really cute and I am going to be doing a post on this later and will link to it when I get it up.

5. Live near the Atlanta area?? Well then you were around for the nasty nasty storms last night. I was home eating dinner with Milo and watching TV when the Emergency Service Announcement came on saying there was a tornado warning. I am not the biggest fan of storms so I was a little nervous. The trees outside the window were literally bent over. I soon put on a movie and shut the blinds to keep my mind off of it. Well Milo didn't leave my side and so he ended up like this all night. I love that kid.

Today I had plans to go to a farm for the end of our week but it is going to be super crazy busy today so we are just running errands. We will probably get to a farm next week to make up for it.
Have a great Friday!


  1. the kids are adorable! Have a great weekend!

  2. Pup in the car is adorable, glad you survived the storms!