Saturday, June 8, 2013


So of course with our theme being Zoo Animals this week, it was obvious that our trip for Fun Friday would be one to the zoo. I start watching for the Friday weather on Monday and attempt to come up with a back up plan just in case. This nanny always like to be prepared for any situation. Well the forecast said rain, all week and then I woke up on Friday and it said rain but it wasn't suppose to hit until 2 that afternoon. I told the kids we could go up until it rained or choose something else. We decided to "risk it" as the kids called it.

We got there it was a little overcast but no rain so we were excited to start the day!

The last time the Wyatt and I were at the zoo it was packed and not fun because of all the people and school groups that were there. This time there was only one school group and not that many people, we could not have picked a better day. The kids had a blast as we took our time going from animal to animal. Of course making sure that we stopped at every photo opportunity available.

After we got most of the way through the zoo it was time to eat lunch. W swears that the zoo has the best pizza in the world (I don't like it personally) and so that's his favorite part every time we are there. These kids love to eat and snack and eat and snack, all the time.


Then it was off to the petting zoo and the rest of the zoo which is the "fun part". There is a train, carousel, rock wall, and playground so we spent half of our time there. At this point the sun was coming out more and the rain seemed to be no where in sight and we were all very excited!

Side story - There was a goat at the petting zoo who came and I guess got mad at this sheep seen above. Well he hit it a little with his head which sent the sheep stumbling along with my two youngest. It was quite traumatic but I remained calmed and pulled my kiddos out of there, we ended up with only one band aid and one sore (broken in his terms) ankle. All was well in the end.

After the playground we headed to the souvenir shop so they could be something to remind them of our trip.

After that I planned a little side surprise trip for my kids. As most of you know or didn't know which is really sad, yesterday was National Doughnut Day! We don't have a Krispy Kreme close to where they live but there was one only 3 miles from the zoo. Mini Field Trip!!!! I pulled up and the kids were a little confused but excited when I told them why we were there. Luckily we were also there while they were making some doughnuts so that kept the kids very interested for a good 15 minutes. We got our doughnuts and our hats and headed on back up the their house.

Such a great end to the first week of summer. Our theme for next week.......
We will be looking at plants and flowers and I have a few fun things up my sleeves, so please stick around and see what we have in store.

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  1. That's awesome that it wasn't busy! Love that they got to see the donuts being made. I too partook in donut day yesterday, yay!