Monday, June 10, 2013

Big Fish!

My weekend started very quietly with a trip over to Kirsten's house where I ate dinner and watched The Davinci Code. Then I fell asleep on the couch. (Story of my life) We were going to go attempt to see the Purge with some people but didn't and that's ok because deep down I am soooo terrified of scary movies. I always have the best intentions in wanting to go see them but I am a chicken. Oh well.

I stayed the night and got up super early on Saturday like I always do, so I headed home because I needed to work on my budget and do a few things. I ended up getting my posts up from the week and launched the tab on my blog called The Summer Nanny Series. Then after getting everything in order I got in contact with Kirsten's sister Megan to go have lunch. We went to Chipotle and then headed to the mall because she needed new jeans. We had a great time and then I headed back to my house to get ready to head to the Aquarium for the evening.

You know Instagram right? Ok good. Well anyways every weekend they do a Weekend Hashtag Project and this past weekends was aquariums. Well my good friend Hunter texted me when he saw them post about it and we decided that we needed to get on down there. I am always game for some aquarium and since I have a pass I can always go. It can get a little expensive though but after some research we found that if you go Monday through Saturday from 6-9pm you can get in for $20, woohoo! So I ended up being there with 4 guys and me. I loved it. I am use to having guy friends and hanging out with just guys, they are so uncomplicated. We took a lot of pictures and I took a lot of pictures of the guys taking a lot of pictures. We spent pretty much the whole 3 hours there and most of it at the Ocean Voyager tank with the Whale Sharks and Manta Rays.

After the aquarium we went to dinner at Johnny Rockets and then called it a night.
Sunday brought Generosity Sunday at my church and I was so excited for what was going to happen in the House. I decided to serve in both morning gatherings and then attend the evening gathering. After the morning gatherings we went to eat at a new place called Eats. It is so hole in the wall it's not even funny, you would pass it if you didn't know what to look for. Boy was it delicious though. I had the Jerk Chicken with black beans and rice and cornbread, how much did I pay for all that food, only 7.25...oh yes just take a look.

After Eats we stopped at Krispy Kreme for some doughnuts for dessert. They happen to be on the same road and on the way back to church. They were super yummy as usual. Probably my last ones for a while though.

Then we headed back and attended the 5pm gathering. It was so amazing that words cannot even describe the way God moved. Go ahead and do yourself a favor and go to and listen to this past week's message. What made it even better was that Kirsten came as well. I love when all my friends are in the same place.

This Sunday was also my friend Taylor's last Sunday here in Atlanta. He is moving back to Minnesota to work at the church he came from. He is going to be truly missed but I am so excited that he is going to a place where he will be able to grow and be around his fam and friends again. This also means I have a new place to visit, woot woot!! We went to Chilis for dinner and then on the way back to the cars snapped this shot. We will miss you Taylor.

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