Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Tuesday Weekend in Review

I was going to post my weekend update yesterday, but instead I posted about my decision to pursue a higher education. You can read about that here! Thank you to everyone who has called or texted or emailed me about my decision to go back to school and the support that every single person has showed. It makes me so excited to know that I am not doing this by myself. I sat down at Barnes and Noble last night and opened up GRE for Dummies and started reading. It definitely gave me some more confidence that I can do this!

So anyways here is my late weekend in review.

I had Friday off, woohoo! So that meant that my weekend started on Thursday when I got done watching my kids swim in a swim meet. I went home to chill for a bit before going over to my friend Kirsten's house. While there I found out something via Facebook that devastated me. At first I was super angry then I got really really upset, and after a few phone calls and my roommate being awesome she showed up with some Mike's Hard Lemonade for the win.
(SIDE NOTE - Last weekend at the Cabin I had my first alcoholic beverage in my life, which was a Mike's Hard Lemonade {yes I am 12} and it was delicious, so now I am more open then I have ever been to alcohol. But no I have not gone out and gone crazy, I just have one with dinner when I know I will be home and going to bed soon, those suckers make me sleepy!)
After talking to her and crying my eyes out I headed over to my friends Kirsten's house to have a sleepover. I ended up falling asleep at like 10 and didn't get up till the next morning at around 9 with the rest of the girls.

We meandered around the house and then decided to go get some lunch at Panera before parting our ways to take care of all sorts of things. While at Panera we talked about the tough thing that happened the night before. We talked about what my next step should be in responding. I sat there and cried (and I think I scared a few of the people sitting around us) but it was a conversation that needed to happen and was so good. I felt so loved and cared for in that moment.

After that I went home and cooked up some chicken and veggies to have to eat throughout the week (which I haven't..) and hung out with the dog. Then I got ready and headed to the movies with my bible study ladies to go see Now You See Me, except the movie theater was cray cray busy. Ain't Nobody Got Time for That. So we decided to see Man of Steel instead at a later time and went to go get dinner on the in-between. As a girl who doesn't follow comics or superhero movies I was rather impressed and did enjoy the movie. It was good for someone who doesn't know anything to go in and understand it all.

I went back to Kirsten's house to sleep over again because we were going to go to the lake on Saturday. Our plan was to leave at 10 but none of us got up until 10:30 haha. So we got ready and packed and ended up at the lake around 1:30. We went to a little park and paid $4 to park and when we got to where we were going to get in there was no one there, SCORE! It was so nice and laid back. We set up our chairs, blew up the floats and ended up out on the lake for 3 hours. Pure bliss. After that we went back only to realize we had all gotten some sun. Some worse then others. My burn lasted a day and I ended up tan the next morning when I woke up.

Kirsten's family had been out of town all week, half at Hilton Head, and the other half on a mission trip to Guatemala. So we all got Mexican and sat down to hear different stories. Towards the end of the night I decided to head home to sleep in my bed.

Sunday came and I went to church to work with Devan, my buddy and then headed straight back home to meet up with three of my friends from the cabin. One of them needed to use our Internet to take a test before heading back down to Florida and asked to stop by, and of course I couldn't say no. They came and we all had lunch together and they got to catch up with my roomie. It was Patrick's birthday too so I made some brownies and got to take some pictures with him before I had to head back down to church. After church the rest of the day was quiet and I attempted to prepare for this week I am in now. The family I nanny for is out of town next week and I am going to dog sit for them, and I am excited.

I have decided to link up again with Jess over at Operation Skinny Jeans for some weekly goals.
Operation Skinny Jeans
 1. Walk at least 30 minutes every day.
2. Drink 64 oz of water a day.
3. Track every single calorie, good or bad.
(As you can tell I got off again so I just need to get back to the basics for this week's goals)

Here is a picture from yesterday after we ran a million errands!!! I just laugh every time, these kids are amazing.

This week we are doing a Space theme, so get ready for the fun that comes with that!


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