Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Here We Grow!!!

I am tired.

I forgot what it is like to be with the kids for 10 hours a day. I went to bed around 11 but probably could have went to sleep at 9. And I slept all the way till 6:45 giving me 15 minutes to get ready and be out the door.

Well as you know this week we are doing our Plants and Flowers theme. I have a few things up my sleeve to keep the kiddos busy and not just in front of an Ipad or TV all day long. Today we made some flower leis and flower collages.

While searching through Pinterest I find that I just keep clicking until eventually I get to some random post which is exactly what I am looking for! Finally I came to this Pin about construction paper flower leis and decided that would be the perfect first thing for our theme this week.


This project took about an hour and a half, we did it right after our handwriting books. (Rant: I am an education major and I appreciate some good handwriting, most of these days teachers don't have the resources or time to do handwriting because they have to focus on testing skills. So the kids I nanny will do handwriting every day this summer because it is important, that their writing doesn't look like chicken scratch. End Rant.) We pop on some Pandora Veggietales Radio station and get to work. After I explained that they needed to cut out 15 leaves, circles, and flowers I let them be, while I put away groceries.

After they cut everything out I gave them a pattern to follow to string all of their items onto the yarn. I helped with the cutting and the hole punching but let them put all of the stuff on their yarn themselves. They all work at different paces so they finished at different times and let me take adorable pictures of them with their new creations.

Including this cool guy above, with only one Scooby Croc because he's cool like that.

I then sent them off to read and do piano and workbooks while I finished up the leis I made for myself. We all put them on and then headed outside to take some pictures.

We also made Flower Sun catchers with a bouquet of flowers we got at Trader Joes. I found this pin while perusing on Sunday and decided it would look cute. The kids seem to just love contact paper, which is actually probably an understatement. We use it for everything but I am ok with that. They turned out pretty good and we put them in the window and the kids enjoy sitting and looking at them
and I do to.



Today is going to bring just as much fun.


Please link up with Stephanie over at BEAUtiful Mess for this fantastic link up. So many neat projects to be found!



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