Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mini Vacation!

Whew it's been so crazy that I am just now getting this joker out, oh well at least it's posted now!

Friday night after work I went and got my car a much needed oil change (he thanks me I know). I was way overdue and am stubborn about that stuff so I usually put it off but with driving all the way down to the Sunshine State, I wanted to make sure we wouldn't die. After that I went to my friend Kirsten's house to pick her up and we attempted to talk her sister into coming with us but she ended up not :( sad day. So we didn't really leave Woodstock until 8 and we knew we had a good 6 hours ahead. Our GPS said our estimated time of arrival was 2:18 (in my mind definitely a time to beat) and I drove for the first three hours. After that we stopped to get a snack and switch drivers, now normally I am always so super tired and fall asleep but I was pretty awake and we turned off the music halfway down and just talked the rest of the way, it was good. We arrived a little before 2 and I drove her through downtown on our way go the island. Then we went immediately to the beach and walked on the sand for a bit. And we weren't the only crazies there at 2am. We got to the fantastic house we are staying in and unloaded our car and went to bed.

I checked the weather Saturday morning when I got up, which is always super early because my body is screwed up like that and it said a bad storm was suppose to roll in around 1 so I woke up Kirsten and told her and we were ready and out the door in 7 minutes! We headed to the beach which was literally a 5 minute drive and found a parking spot and then got on the sand.

That blue dot was where the house we stayed at was in relation to the beach.

At first it was kind of overcast which was nice because then it wasn't too hot. I read magazines and my new book Boundaries and Kirsten just laid out. We ended up walking up and down the beach once and realized we were hungry so we decided to go grab some lunch and then go back out to the beach. We went to a Mexican restaurant called Casa Maria that I frequented while I lived there and had some yummy lunch (you can never go wrong with Mexican).

Then we loaded up and headed back out for the beach round number 2. Now I put sunscreen all over my front and arms and legs but forgot to have Kirsten put some on my back. Since summer is not in full swing yet it was still pretty quite there and very relaxing.

 We were out for another 2 hours and then went back to the house to get ready to go down to Deltona where my sisters live, only about an hour south of where we were. I haven't seen them since Christmas and I miss them always. They are both teeny tiny and taller then me...go figure haha. We picked them up and took them to Texas Roadhouse for dinner...mmmm yummy. We had fried pickles and so I didn't get french fries with my ribs.

We even left a little random love letter in the menu for the next person to find, go to www.moreloveletters.com to read more about this fantastic idea.
Then we went and grabbed some dessert from Chick Fil A and Baskin Robbins. By that time you could really start to see my burn and my baby sis took my phone and started taking pictures.

After dropping the girls back off and getting some aloe rubbed on me I headed over to what was my second home/family when I lived there. The Hehre family consists of Mom Laura, Oldest Son Patrick, Middle Child Robert, and Precious Girl Rachel, they lost their dad Bob this past January suddenly and this was my first time being able to see them. It was so great to catch up with them. They are coming up to Georgia for the mountains in June and I am going to spend a few days with them. They even let me sign a Yankees flag that was draped over Bob's casket and that was such a nice thing.
Kirsten drove back and we headed to bed. On Sunday I was not going to be going to the beach again after my burn so I decided to go to church to see all of my friends. I stopped to see Abby first because she was about to have to go into work and was on the way. I was her mentor in college and I love her dearly, God is doing amazing things through her! After church I went back to the house and Kirsten and I got ready to go to my favorite restaurant in all of St Augustine, Mango Mangos. Yummy!

Then we packed up, left some flowers and candies for the people who let us stay at their house and drove through downtown so Kirsten could see it in the day time we even passed by the house I lived in while in college, they have recently painted it from green to tan, I'm not really a fan but so many memories flood that place.
Then we stopped at the big cross which is probably my favorite thing in St Augustine, I use to walk there and back from my house. It's massive and I always stand in awe when I am there. We took a ton of pictures and then got in the car to head back North.

We made it back around 9 and I ended up at my house and in bed by 10:30!

Operation Skinny Jeans

Now I am checking back in with Jess over at Operation Skinny Jeans to see how I did on my weekly goals.

1. Get More Sleep - I am very proud to say that I picked a couple of days and was in bed between 9-10 there was only one night I can remember when I went to bed past 10:30 but I will take it. I can tell it helped a ton.

2. Do the next three workouts in Ease into 5K - Well I get about a 67% on this one, I did the next two days but then the weekend rolled around and I had all the best intentions of working out in Florida but didn't on Saturday and because of my burn I couldn't on Sunday. I was hoping to do it today but my back is still really red and hurts a lot so I a going to wait until Wednesday.

3. Don't go TO crazy on vacation - I am happy to report that I sat down this morning and tracked all of my food from the weekend and I did do pretty well, a lot better then I thought I was going to do. We stayed so busy so I didn't snack and that allowed me to have some bigger meals, which I did...

Now lets set some new goals for this week.

1. No Soda M-F - I use to be a HEAVY soda drinker and am cutting back so I am limiting myself to one a day but only on the weekends.

2. Get at least 30 minutes of some sort of work out in every day!

3. Write 10 motivational sayings on cards and put them on my bathroom mirror.

That's all folks, except not, because I am writing another post later today to link up with Halie for From Firsts to Lasts!


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