Monday, May 20, 2013

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

This weekend was definitely a mosh posh of different things!

Friday night when I got off of work I headed straight down to Atlanta to go to a Braves game with friends (I ended up making a few new ones as well!!) It took me FOREVER because of traffic but I was in a good mood so the traffic didn't really bother me. (Until the idiot guy in the truck tried to hit on me because my windows down, I just looked forward and rolled up my window slowly and put back on my shade, incognito) Once I finally made it down there I parked my car and walked to where the other people had parked to hang out before the game. We hung out for a little bit before heading down to the field. After tickets and bathrooms and drinks we finally took our seats for some baseball. Since it was a Friday night and we were playing the Dodgers it was pretty busy in there. We had a great time especially when Justin Upton walked up and hit a Grand Slam, (insert crowd goes nuts!). After sitting and watching for a while a group of us decided we really wanted a hot dog so off we went. I ended up with a chili cheese hot dog, not really sure if it's weight watchers friendly but it was good! Towards the end of the night it started sprinkling and then it started pouring. We were only a few rows away from the top so we moved farther up where there was a covering and watched the rest of the game, and we won! After the game we headed to our cars and finally after like an hour made it out of the parking lot and on our way home. It was a ton of fun and such a great start to the weekend.


I was debating doing my May 5K on Saturday but it was suppose to storm all through the morning and Mother Nature was in full force so I didn't feel like doing one. I attempted to sleep as late as my body would which was of course only until like 7:30 and then I was wide awake. I decided to knock out some budgeting, which we all love right -_- but now I know where  my money *should be going until September when I'll whip another one up. After that I was laying in my bed and decided that I needed to do some form of exercise and it was time for my Ease into 5K week 4 day 3 workout. I was a little panic-y but decided I needed to do it. This is usually the conversation that goes on in my head.

Good Me: Jenny, you can do this go run.
Bad Me: No, no, no Jenny it's like Saturday you need to take a day to rest.
Good Me: You gained this week and will be so happy if you run.
Bad Me: Girl you are cramping this is going to be awful
Good Me: Go now before you talk yourself out of it....

And on and on, but I did strap on my shoes and went to a place I don't normally run. I got out and set up all of my apps on my phone and just started clicking start on all of them until I got to my Ease into 5K and started it and headed on my way. It was a rough run but I made it through and did not stop running during the running portions, took a lot of pep talk but at least I finished it!

After my awful run where I felt like crap, I went home to change and get ready to hit up Six Flags with Kirsten. We both decided to get season passes since they are only 10 dollars more then a one day pass. So after we got there and got our passes we went in and rode one ride and then walked to other rides that had stupid long waits so we decided we were good to go and just wanted some Chick Fil A. So we grabbed some Chick Fil A and headed to my house. My roomie was working on some laundry and watching The Other Boleyn Girl so we sat and watched for a bit before going and getting some Cold Stone, and by we I mean her because I don't like ice cream, I am a weirdo I know.

Once we got back to my house she headed on her way and I went in the house to watch Le Mis with my roomie. We sat for the whole movie and while I got most of it I was still a little bit confused but I thought it was beautiful and well done. Probably something I could only watch once a year to be honest haha. We then put in Mean Girls to which I fell asleep.

Sunday I was with my kids all day as their parents are in New York for the dads birthday. He comes back today and the mom comes back Tuesday because she has some business to do. (Her company headquarters are there) The kids and I just basically sat around the house like a normal day, we had plans of soft ball games and swimming and those were thwarted by yucky rain. We ended up at Jo-Anns to get some frames and I was talked into getting fabric for the loves to make some pillows because they all love to sew, which makes my heart happy for sure. I decided to start a Pinterest project I saw since we were all going to be sewing and my machine just happened to be in the back of my car. It came out fantastic, I plan on doing a post about it Thursday for Saw it, Pinned it, Did it. So you can look forward to that, for now this is how it came out, I am in LOVE!

Operation Skinny Jeans

Now it's time to link back up with my Weekly Goals.

Let us see how last weeks goals went....

1. No Soda M-F --- Fail! I had one on Wednesday night and a few on Friday at the Braves Game....oh well.

2. At Lease 30 minutes of workout a day - I think I did all but like 2 days, so I'm ok with that.

3.  Write 10 motivational sayings and put them on bathroom mirror - nope, didn't get this out either.

So let us try this again!

1. No Soda M-F

2. More Water - I have been slacking and this is not ok. ( This is perfect since I just read that's the challenge this week!)

3. Write 10 motivational sayings and put them on bathroom mirror.

That's it for today, time for the next run on Ease into 5K, I can do this...I think.



  1. Wow, what a busy, fun weekend. Running during "that time" sucks. At least you did it. I can't always say the same for myself. Great job on your goals, I'm struggling with soda too. We'll get it next week!

  2. Same here with soda! Yuck! I really like goal #3 my daughter post quotes all over her room. I need to do the same thing to keep me motivated. Atlanta sounds like fun, I live in NC and while we have a lot to offer it would be nice to live near a big city.

  3. Great job finishing your run! Sounds like a fun weekend!