Thursday, May 9, 2013

Have a Spot of Tea?

W and I are spending the day at home together having another pajama day and watching many movies! So Spy Kids 3 is on and I decided to do a little blog reading when I logged onto my blogger I saw that Saw It, Pinned It, Did it was back and I cannot be more excited.
I was super bummed when I learned there was going to be a break because I was one week away from posting about something I was so proud. I posted this picture on Instagram (@jennylynn4390) and My Facebook and got so much feedback about how much they loved it.

Aren't these just not the cutest, I certainly think so! I mean what little girl doesn't love to play tea especially with pretend tea bags.
Originally I found this pin here.
After clicking on the pin and realizing it was in French, I google translated the page and then clicked around and was unable to find a tutorial on how to do these adorable bags, so I decided to take matters in my own hands. Here is my new tutorial on how to make these, you can find the new pin here to put on your Pinterest Board, and spread the word on these beauties.

All you need is some left over fabric, very thin batting, yarn, this template here and a handy dandy sewing machine.

You use a very minimal amount of fabric so it can just be left overs like these ones here.

First you need to take the template and out of each fabric cut two bag shapes, and two squares.
From the batting you just need to cut one bag and one square.

Cut a piece of string about 6 inches long, or however long you want it to be.

Take the tea bags and sandwich the batting and the yarn in between the two fabric pieces.

Then I (carefully) put it in place on the sewing machine and set it on the zig zag stitch pattern or letter B on my sewing machine. I sew the top portion first to secure the yarn and then go around the entire thing about 2-3 times.
When you take it off of the machine it looks a little rough - see below.

Use some small trimming fabric scissors to clean it up. I get as close to the stitch as I can without cutting the stitch and thus ruining all the hard work. Once trimmed up it looks a lot better, see below for result.

Next take the other end of the yarn that is attached to the tea bag and place squares of a different (or same) fabric and batting like so.

Then take this and place it on the sewing machine and sew around all the sides about 3 times and repeat with the trimming to make it look nice and clean.
After doing a couple more you end up with a cute set of play tea bags and in my case, one happy happy happy  (Duck Dynasty anyone? Yes!) little girl.
Thanks again Stephanie for hosting this fantastic link up! Make sure you click over and see some of the other amazing projects!



  1. Those are so adorable! If I needed these for little kids or I had any ounce of an idea how to sew, I would definitely want to make these...maybe someday! I'll pin it onto my "future family" board, just in case :) So cute Jenny!! And good for you for writing your own tutorial and pinning it too!

  2. those would be super cute as bookmarks! except everyone is totally into tablets now. i need to catch up in the technology world and get myself one!