Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Some Food and Some Clothes

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First Things First
First aisle you hit up at the grocery store
I always, always, always go to the far right of the store and work my way over. Like always. Most of the time it's the produce which makes me super happy. When the produce is on the left side it throws me wayyyy off my game and I get a little confused. I frequent the grocery store about 3-5 times a week, mostly because of work and realizing that we have forgotten something from the last run. It's ok I am sure the people at my Publix here know me by name.
First Store you head to in the mall
So for this one it depends on who I am with. If it's the kids then we ALWAYS go to the Disney store first and spend many a time looking at every single toy as they talk about how much they "need" the toy and I explain that if they save their money they can get it.
If I am with my girlfriends we usually hit up the mall only if we are on a mission, I am not a big leisure goer to the mall, it gives me a headache if I am there too long. Thanks to my mom I am not a fan of shopping, I have a mission and I will complete it or be over it soon. But if I am there with my friends it's almost always H&M or Forever 21 whichever one is closer to the door we entered.
Today is Tuesday, which means Weigh In Wednesday is hanging in the balance and I did not hop on the scale to see if I was going to be devastated or thrilled tomorrow, so I just have to wait and see. W has his field day today even though it's gross outside so they are doing it inside. All of the kids are going to be wearing their Tie-dye shirts that I got to go in and make with them and they came out fantastic, all of the parents loved it!
I got back on track somewhat yesterday with exercise and completed week 3 day 2 and ended up going .01 miles farther then day 1 a week or so ago, I'll take that small gain as a win. It was pouring rain as I ran and I loved it, the only thing I was concerned about was my phone (I don't use a case, yes I know it can drop and break at any point, no I don't care about your opinion) but the arm band I used kept it dry enough for me to run. It was a good time and I would so do it again any time.
If you frequent Trader Joe's I need to suggest a product to you, Powerberries. Hands down the best snack I have had in a long time. It's basically every berry that's super good for you, blueberries, acai, cranberries, and the like wrapped in dark chocolate. Mmm sooo good and to me so worth the 5 points for a 1/4 cup. I pack a baggie at the beginning of the day and allow myself to have them throughout the day. (and maybe a few more when I get home at night...) But seriously go get some and let your life be changed for the better.
I went to bed at 10 ish last night, woohoo! First time in over a week, probably going to do the same thing again today just so that I can have the energy to keep walking/running and making better choices. I didn't sleep well though and I think it's because the dog was all over me, usually I close my door but I left it open last night and he wanted to "snuggle" (more like jump on me to open the covers and let him come sleep in between my legs every hour). This morning though he cracked me up as he attempted to eat my toothpaste. What a ham!



  1. I need the produce to be on the right side of the store too - otherwise it's just not OK. And they're building a Trader Joe's here now, and I'm so excited for it to open finally! I think we've still got a while before they're done, but I'm still looking forward to it!

  2. you not using a case is pretty hilarious. especially the "yes i know i can drop it and break it at any point and no i don't care about your opinion." i am seriously the same way! i have had an iphone since they first came out and have burned through about 6 of them because of upgrades/broken screens. i hate cases. i hate how chunky my phone gets with them! my best friend works for lifeproof and is always pitching their product to me and i was like dude. i don't care. i don't care if it's $80 and you can get me one for free...i don't want one. it's a miracle my phone has made it through 10 months without getting broken and not having a case!

  3. For me the first store I go to in the mall depends on where I park lol.
    heydanixo.blogspot.com (: