Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Today Can Be A Good Day - Weigh In Wednesday Week 8

It's Wednesday again, my favorite day of the week in Blog land no lie I spend as many hours as I can scrolling through the Weigh In Wednesday posts and read and get inspired and comment as much as I can.

Make sure you click over to Erin and Alex's blog and give them some love and link up as well with your weekly weigh in. You won't regret the community you get from this link up.


Can I just say I have realized what books and articles mean when they talk about how the environment affects your health. Well this past week it rained and rained and I was at the point where wasn't sure if it was going to end. I think I mentioned that I do not do the gym, the treadmill gets so boring to me and I feel like I am going no where, I would much rather walk outside Well tons of rain = Jenny no exercise. There were definitely 3 days this past week where I did not exercise, here was my exercise for the past week. (Don't forget I mentioned the fact that I was not in bed until 12 at the earliest every night and I attribute most of this to that factor)

Wednesday - walk - 1.87 miles - 33:24
Thursday - walk - 1.78 Miles - 32:42
Friday - nothing
Saturday - Nada
Sunday - nilch
Monday - Ease into 5 K - 1.83 miles - 28:52
Tuesday - Walk - 1.56 miles - 26:53

Total Miles - 7.04
Total Time -  2 hours and 1 minute

If you have see my past weeks, this is such a slow week.....I am just hoping it paid off.

My water intake followed suit with the exercise it wasn't too bad, I could have not had any water at all, but I definitely could have had more then I did.

Wednesday - 50 oz
Thursday - 100 oz
Friday - 75 oz
Saturday - 25 oz
Sunday - 79 oz
Monday - 100 oz
Tuesday - 92

Total Average - 74 oz --- which means that I still got the recommended 64 oz a day, woo hoo small non scale victory.

Another non scale victory that could seem small but is pretty big to me is that it has now been 2 whole days since I have had soda, I had one real coke at dinner on Sunday but on Monday and Tuesday I had no soda at all. I am hoping to keep this up and then maybe start cutting soda during the week and only having one a day during the weekend. Going from 6 regular soda cans a day and getting over those awful headaches I am so glad I have cut back.

This week was definitely a so-so week as far as food goes, I did pretty good up until like the afternoons when snack time kicked in and then dinner was a wreck at some points. There was day I didn't track anything and definitely went off course and even one night where I found myself at Chili's (it has the WORST track record for caloric value of foods) I hopped on the scale on Monday and I was up but I vowed not to weigh again until Wednesday because it could alter my days if I know I might fail.

Yesterday I went and got some more flowers for my apartment in my mini series on Instagram I like to call Why We Need Flowers, this week was "...because sometimes you just have something to smile about." Like maybe a total stranger told your friend that he thought you were hot! Oh yes, confidence booster if anything. Here are the beautiful flowers from Trader Joes.

So here we go for the weigh in. Last night was another rough night sleeping, I got no sleep and I went to bed at 9:15!!! Ugh. I guess I can't win sometimes. But I got up this morning in a really bad mood about a few things. I hopped up on that scale and I was down .7, woohoo!! So exciting. Wasn't expecting too much but to have two losses in a row, I'll take it. I am going on vacation this weekend to the beach but am determined to be mindful as to not go out of control. I also plan on taking my walking shoes and getting some form of work outs in while there.
Last Week: 210.1
This Week: 209.4
Loss: 0.7
Total Loss: 6.9 lbs
So so close to that 10lb mark, if I can kick it into high gear I'll definitely be seeing it in the next couple weeks.

Thanks for all of you who read and encourage me, it is definitely the reminder I need that i can do this and will succeed this time! It means the world to me. I love you all!



  1. Good for you girl! Over a pound lost this week, and that's awesome!! Keep it up lady :)

  2. Keep up the hard work and you will be at the 10 lb mark in no time.

  3. Way to go!! You're doing great! It has been so rainy here too. It's so hard to get motivation to do something! Way to go on all your walking!

  4. I'm sure you're going to see ten pounds lost in no time. Just keep working it! I'm with you on wednesdays. There's so many inspirational stories out there! Flowers are a great way to smile and reduce stress. They're so pretty too! Esther Norine Designs

  5. Awesome!! You'll deff be seeing 10 hella soon! You're awesome

  6. congrats on your loss....and WOW your water intake is impressive! I just try to keep water handy, I haven't actually figured out how much I'm drinking a day, but I don't think it's near what you are doing! Congrats on giving up soda too....I'm trying to eat in an entirely different way lately, giving up wheat, and sugar, and it's HARD! Why does crappy stuff taste so good? (plus it's so much cheaper to eat crappy!!) Once you bust through the headaches it should get easier and easier.