Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hi. I'm Jenny

I found this super awesome link up this morning about blogging every day in May and I thought it was brilliant!

Well it is 12:35am on Thursday, technically so now I am going to post for yesterday and will post for today later on!
Here is the prompt for May 1 - The Story of your Life in 250 words or less (I counted and this joker is 247!!!! I just love a good challenge)

Considering I am only 23 my life has been pretty crazy. Let’s see I was born on April 3, 1990 to two wonderful parents. My dad was in the army so you can say that my life was a little crazy.
I was born in Los Angeles, California where we lived for 3 months.
Kansas where we lived for 2 years and had a dog named Kelly, who was black lab, which I don’t remember.
Berlin, Germany for two years and the memory I have the most is when I learned to blow a bubble with my bubble gum before my brother.
Columbus, Georgia my sister Jessi was born here and I brought her to show and tell for Kindergarten.
Phenix City, Alabama my youngest sister who is a surviving twin was born here and my parents built the house we lived in. 
Vilseck, Germany this was fun as I loved living in Germany and rode my bike to school every day.
Hohenfels, Germany for middle school where I was popular (or so I thought haha)
Phenix City, Alabama three years of high school in which I was depressed (not my best moments)
Deltona, Florida my senior year of high school and I found some of the best friends I have.
St Augustine, Florida where I attended Flagler College, what what!!
Atlanta, Georgia where I live now and love every moment.
I would like to think this will stop but who knows I get restless very easily.