Friday, May 3, 2013

High 5 (6) for Friday!

Time to link up again with Lauren for High 5 For Friday!!!

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Sometimes I look through my pictures and struggle to find 5 pictures of my week, this time I had a really hard time deciding which ones to pick! Such a fantastic problem to have :)

So I have picked my top 6 since I have done a ton this week...note to self, I am not in college anymore and hold a full time job, I need to learn to get more sleep.

1. This kid is growing up way way way too fast. He starts Kindergarten in the fall and I don't think I am ready for it. We spend so much time together now with the girls in school, when all three are in full time I won't know what to do. He is getting SO tall and his face is thinning out and to all my friends he is just so handsome. This is his mini chicken sandwich that we introduced to him this week and he loves it so much.

2. I got this text this week and am sooooo excited! This is Ms. Laura, her family is like a second family to me and I met them my senior year of high school right after I moved down to Florida from Alabama. She has two boys who are older then me and as guys go they are my best friends, which I love because I can ask them any guy question and they always give me a real answer. She also has a younger daughter who is my sisters age so she is just like another little sister to me. Whenever I am in Deltona I usually spend more time at their house then I do at my own place. Well last summer they came up to Georgia to a cabin and I got to go visit them and they are doing the same this year! I am so excited!!! Their husband/father who was a fantastic man recently passed unexpectedly and this will be my first time really getting to see them and hang out with them since it has happened. I seriously cannot wait, we always have the best time and laugh about everything.

3. I made cake pops this week.....let's just say that I made more that ended up in the trash then in this photo haha! It was my first real attempt and I ended up with 8 total and the girls loved it and I am pretty happy with the ones that did work.

4. I went to another Braves game on Wednesday, we got general admission tickets and sat on the railing in the outfield and I loved every moment of it! (We lost but I still love my team)

5. I have a friend who has an awesome job and gets really good perks a lot of the time and so last night she had free tickets for Disney on Ice!!!! Yes, it was magical. Yes, I almost cried during the whole thing. Yes, I sang along and clapped my hands and screamed when Prince Eric from the little Mermaid came out. It was a great time and we all loved it so much.

*BONUS - After Disney on Ice I got home and there was a package on my counter and I didn't remember ordering anything so I got in my room and opened it up and this embosser was inside. I wasn't sure who it was from (after a phone call this morning I now know it was from my brother and sister in law for my birthday, she found it pinned on one of my boards and got it for me) but definitely sat down and spent 10 minutes doing this to most of my books. I love it!

W and I were suppose to go to the zoo today because we didn't get to go last week, but it's 63 outside and nasty. So instead we are headed to Legoland Discovery Center and are super excited!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I wend to Disney On Ice like 10 months ago and LOVED it! haha.