Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Post

My kids are pretty funny, they often say or do things that have me rolling around laughing.

As I was getting ready to do this craft with my kids I told them I needed to go grab my phone so I could take pictures to put it on my blog post. I guess they didn't know already that I had a blog and so started asking questions and found it to be very interesting and cool that they got to help me out by doing crafts.

Later on in the evening we were outside playing and S came up to me and yelled "Jenny, take a picture of me to put on 'The Post'!!!" I started laughing as she now refers to my blog as The Post. Maybe I should reconsider a blog name change haha.

Anyways, I know that I have posted the last two times about Christmas so I need to give Thanksgiving some exposure. My kids get really offended over early Christmas, I am not sure how this got instilled in them because their mom and I both love Christmas. Every time we see things that are Christmas they go "What about Thanksgiving's feelings???" So empathetic, I know.

I decided to do a cute craft to put on the fridge and incorporated some hand prints since their mom loves them so much.


Google Eyes
Card Stock
Construction Paper

Start with a blank piece of card stock, I didn't have white so we used yellow.

Then take the kids hands and put 4-5 different colored handprints to make the feathers on the paper.

Then give the kids some markers and tell them to write Happy Thanksgiving or Be Thankful and their name.

Set those aside and let them begin the process of drying.

Then take some brown construction paper and have the kids cut out a circle big enough to cover the base of the hands. Have them glue some google eyes on there. I let the kids have free range to make sure it is as unique as them.

Then let them draw on a mouth and cut out a little red thing to use as the gobble gobble (don't quite know the real name for it but that's what we call it)

Then take the head and glue it on to the hand prints, if they are still wet with pain, that's totally ok.

There you easy and it's super cute!


W said that his turkey was making a surprise face so he did too.

We hung them up on the fridge for all to see in honor of Thanksgiving.

The kids had a great time and the weather was so great afterwards we went out side and played around for a bit. It was later in the evening and so the sun was coming down and I was able to snap a fantastic picture of how it looked through the trees. I love this magical place.

Today is Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday, I can't wait!


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