Monday, November 11, 2013

Prepping for Christmas

I know it's not Christmas yet.

I know that it's still 43 days till it gets here.

I know that I get a little over excited....but I don't care.

Christmas is my favorite holiday all year. I think the reason I love Fall so much is because it leads right up to Christmas. Christmas was always an exciting even at our house. With 4 kids there were tons of presents to be opened as well as fun to be had. We all got so excited giving gifts to one another. There are many VHS to this day that I can sit and watch for hours because Christmas has no bad memories.

My mom was a stay at home mom and she loved decorations. I grew up in a home that changed from Snow mans at winter, to bunnies at Easter, Pumpkins at Fall, and tons and tons of Christmas decorations come Thanksgiving night. It was always a thing for out family that after the Thanksgiving festivities we would pull out the Christmas tree and decorate it, then usually go to a movie. My mom had about 3-4 bins yes I said bins of decorations that she would start pulling from the attic and then in a couple of days our house would be transformed.

Moving out into my own apartment with a roommate and a dog I knew that it would be up to me to carry on that piece of my mom. I am just so blessed to have a roommate who doesn't mind my craziness and my love for house decorations. She lets me do my thing and is often coming home or waking up with new decorations spread throughout the house. I always check her reaction and she is always so receiving of them.

Right now I still have all the Fall decorations up since Thanksgiving has not arrived yet, but that Christmas bin that is sitting in our storage room is calling my name and I am doing everything in my power to resist. I am staying up in Atlanta for Thanksgiving this year and so I know that come that evening that bin will be out and everything will get put up. I slowly but surely add stuff every year. Last year was my first year and I got a good loot but I can't wait to add more this year. I have been on Pinterest the past few days looking at ideas and I think I have a few I want to implement.

I love this Pin I have sooo many Popsicle sticks in my craft stash and I think it could be so easy to do something like this to fill in some empty wall space.
I am always looking for a way to use my sewing machine. These look like the perfect thing to fix that.
I actually went to Michaels yesterday with my many coupons and purchased all the supplies to make these. This week I will hopefully complete them and put them up here.

Super simple, lots of fun and would look great in the house! Pin here.

I am hosting our Bible Study Christmas Party and organizing our Missional Community Christmas Party this year, so I am planning all sorts of neat things to incorporate, and one of them has to be these adorable name holders.

I think that's probably all I should be posting on November 11. I am working on getting some kids crafts together for Thanksgiving this week.

Have a great Monday!


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