Friday, November 15, 2013

High 5 for Friday!

It has been forever since I have done a High Five for Friday post and I think part of the reason is that the past few Fridays have been absolutely crazy for me. I have a had a child home sick for the last three. The first week was S with a fever then last week it was W with the Flu and today A has the flu that W had....yeah it's been crazy. I feel so bad for them because they all just look so pitiful.

Anyways this week was a normal week. I am trying to take it in considering from here till January it's gonna get a little cray cray. Next week my boss is out of town and the kids have so much stuff going on at school so I get to go in and have Thanksgiving Feast, and see Thanksgiving plays and take as many pictures so that mom can see and be just as a part of it. 

1. Over the weekend I stayed with the kids while their rents went on a little vacation. I love getting to spend extra time with my kids. We went to Michaels to find a craft to do and while we were there I found a clock. I have been looking online and everywhere to find a clock to put in our living room. This was one $60....but it was 70% off which made it $18 and then I had an additional 25% off coupon so I got it for $14!!!! What a steal and it looks great in our living room. 

2. I made these lovely trees on Monday. It is now 39 days till Christmas and I wish I could put up decorations, but my roommate strongly protested last night so I packed everything back up and put it in the storage room. One day I will have my own place and I can decorate whenever I want. For now the house sits in limbo.

3. I posted this picture on Instagram announcing that it had been 25 days since I have had soda. It is a hard thing for me but I am doing so well and am determined not to go back onto it. It's a sweet tea, lemonade, but mostly water life for me.

4. I made some fantastic Banana Bread one night and will be posting about that over the weekend!

5. I kept hearing a song on the radio and was just loving it and one day decided to Sound hound it and found out it is by One Direction.....oh well. I still love it anyways.

This weekend is a rather calm one. It's going to be my last Sunday serving at my old church so that I can say goodbye to the little boy I have been working with and his family. At my new church we are starting the children's ministry this week and I get to help lead that. I am so excited!


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