Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Prep - Kids Edition

Next week is Thanksgiving. Crazy. I will be stuffing my face all day then that evening will retreat into my apartment to decorate and allow Christmas to come to life!

Last week I did a post called Prepping for Christmas, where I showed off the Pins that I found that I wanted to do for my house which even led to me making these wonderful things! You can check out that post here.
Well this past weekend and earlier this week I went on and found a few crafts that I want to do with the kids to make this house festive. Their parents make it really festive with many Christmas Trees and decorations, but I know that a touch of hand prints and glued on cotton balls will make it that much more awesome.
So here are my top pins for Christmas Crafts for Kids.
These are super cute and look really easy and the kids can just make them in all different styles to be unique. Pin Here

These look so simple and allows the kids to use as much or little creativity as they want, which on any day could vary quite a bit. Pin Here

W made something like this in Preschool last year and when he brought it home I thought the girls were going to pass out from excitement. We do a large advent calendar upstairs with goodies and prizes but I think we will all make these this year as well. Pin Here

We have tons and tons of popsicle sticks, usually I come to work after a weekend and there are houses constructed out of them and glue and markers. So why not use them for these cute Christmas Trees. Pin Here
These as well. Pin Here

Add all these to the list as well. Pin Here

I just about died when I found this Pin, how adorable, the kids are going to giggle so much  making these I just know it! Pin Here

This last one is of another set of crafts to do, I haven't really gone through it yet but I really like what I see in the pictures so I am sure I can find a few that will work for us. Pin Here

I'm sure that will keep us busy for a bit, we did a few crafts last year but I wasn't really blogging at the time, I wish I was!
The kids are about to come bounding off the bus so I better go get ready.
It's Hump Day!!! Woot woot!

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