Monday, August 19, 2013

Parties, Karaoke, and Fall Weather!

This weekend consisted of long nights and fun times!

Friday as soon as I got off work I headed home to change before going down to Atlanta for a birthday party for Andrew, who serves with me in Passion Kids. We went to Fellini's which is a pizza place and sat outside, it was feeling fantastic! After we all ate I pulled out the pound cake I made the night before, I was really nervous how it turned out since this was my first time ever making pound cake. But to my delight everyone thought it was super good and raved about it. I was one happy Jenny.

After Fellini's we headed to Happy Karaoke which is a Korean Karaoke place, and it's an experience that I think every person should have at one point in their life. Basically its you and all of your friends in a room with a tv and some microphones and just about every song known to man, and you just go as long as you want and then pay at the end. It's a ton of fun.

After Karaoke we headed back to our cars and we rode in Haylie's really cool car with the top down, and it was so much fun. It was super cold because of the fall weather that decided to grace us with it's presence and my hair was out of control, but going down 85 singing at the top of our lungs makes the night that much more fun.

We were all just going to head home when Haylie said she didn't want to stop hanging out so we decided to head to Steak and Shake, it was already 1am at this point so we were all like, what the hey, why not. We stayed there till around 2:30 and then when I started to fall asleep at the table I figured it might be time to stay home. Don't worry I was awake the whole way home but got in at 3 and slept really good that night. I still got up at 9.... which is dumb but story of my life.
Saturday I got up and got ready to head out with Lindsey for our roomie Saturday, we decided to go out to Longhorn which is where her boyfran works and have lunch there. After I was done getting ready, I noticed just how long my hair has gotten. My hair grows at a very fast pace and you can ask anyone who knows me, I have had every length of hair imaginable. This was my hair in 2011, last year, and then the picture I took this year....crazy. grows fast.

And as per usual our roomie Saturday selfie.

Saturday night I babysit my kiddos so that my bosses could go on a date, which is always super easy and fun since they are my kids and I know the drill.
Sunday was a sleep in day for me. My church is practicing Sabbath for two weeks. We do it every year to allow everyone time to rest and get ready to start another school year. It's a beautiful thing that I am so glad our leadership does as an example to our whole church. So I slept in for a while and then got up and decided to go and do a walk/run. I also weighed in on Sunday and was .5 lbs lighter, woot woot. My run went great, my pace was trimmed down by 12 seconds since the last time I ran it and I felt really good.

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Hope you had a fantastic weekend!


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  1. Wow!! Your hair is looking amazing! Well done on a good run. I went for one today and it was not my best and then I got hit with a migraine! Argh!!

    Just stopped by from the mingle and looking forward to being a new follower!
    Missy x