Monday, August 5, 2013

Bathroom Re-Do Begins!

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Sami's Shenanigans

On Saturday my lovely roommate and I went to Uncle Maddio's for pizza like we normally do for lunch on Saturday's. It's become sort of a tradition and I love it. We live busy lives and can go days without seeing each other but most Saturdays we spend running errands.

I have been thinking of re-doing my bathroom and my room for that matter for a while but know that I can only do it slowly, which is no problem. I have decided to start with my bathroom. It's cute right now but I have really been swooning over a nautical theme.

So while we were out doing errands I asked Lindsey if we could stop at Hobby Lobby so I could take a look around and maybe get started on something small. Immediately when we walked in we realized this was not something we should have done. Oh well, now we were in for it. We walked all the store and just pointed out everything we loved and dreamed of future houses with the freedom to decorate, paint, and make our own.

Luckily with sales and coupons we didn't do to bad, we even went over to JoAnns and saved a ton of money there.

I ended up with three flat canvases with the plan to paint them, put them on the wall, and then take an empty frame (one I found at Hobby Lobby but need to go back for) and place it around them, it's going to look great and I am really excited about it.

Yesterday I had a major headache so after church I went home and slept for like 2 hours and then got up to work on my canvases.

I love the way they turned out and can't wait to put them up on the wall, which is the goal this week sometime.
So here is the list of stuff that I need to do/want to get for my bathroom. I know it will probably all be completed a long time from now, but I am ok with that. My goal is get done right around the time we need to move again which is in May.
Nautical Bathroom Re-Do
*Frame for Canvases
*New Towels
*New Shower Curtain
*Paint Shelf in Room
*Jars for Storage
*New Scentsy Holder
*Hamper for Clothes
*Crate White Washed
*Ships Wheel
I am sure more stuff will be added as I continue to look around.
Have a great Monday!


  1. Those canvases turned out super adorable!! I particularly love the chevron print :) Happy Monday!